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Autodesk PowerInspect

Maximizing profit on your CNC equipment

Inspection and verification for the smart factory

Are you aware that your existing CNC machine can align complex parts for machining and improve quality by generating reports?

It’s possible with PowerInspect the complete inspection solution for measuring parts while they’re still on the machine, also known as on-machine verification (OMV).

On machine verification

  • Automated inspection programming

    Maximize machine utilization with graphical offline programming and minimize demands on operators. 

  • Manufacturing integration

    Machine tool probing allows you to make informed decisions quickly to avoid scrap or rework. 

  • Measurement repeatability

    Embedded probing strategies in PowerInspect promote consistent application of best practice techniques. 

  • Collision avoidance

    Automatic collision avoidance gives you confidence that inspection sequences run safely before they’re run on the machine.


Lights-out machining

Concours Mold automates inspections on the CNC machine tool itself, using PowerInspect software's OMV (on-machine verification).  It achieves "lights-out machining," with greater accuracy, time saved, and less rework.