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FY19 Q3 – Q4 Autodesk Design & Manufacturing Promotion – EMEA / AMER

Terms and conditions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Product Design & Manufacturing Collection subscribers can save up to 25% off companion technologies during the same transaction.

General information

1. What is the Autodesk FY19 Q3/Q4 offer for customers who choose the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection?

New subscriptions or those switching to subscription can save up to 25%* on the Autodesk Suggested Retail Price (SRP) for a new, one-year subscription to select Autodesk software solutions for design & manufacturing. Refer to the tables in the “Appendix” for the product eligibility list and buying cases.

2. What is the promotional period for this offer?

The offer is available from August 7th, 2018 through January 18, 2019 (dates inclusive).

3. What countries are eligible to participate?

The offer is available in countries within both Autodesk’s AMER and Autodesk’s EMEA regions.

4. What term lengths can customers purchase at the discount?

This offer is for one-year subscriptions only. Monthly, quarterly, and multi-year subscriptions are not eligible to receive this discount.

5. Is there a limit to the number of seats the customer can subscribe to as part of this offer?

Yes, the customer can only subscribe to up to five (5) total assets of the discounted offering.

6. Is the discount available for both single-user and multi-user subscriptions?

Since some products are only available as multi-user, it varies by the companion products being subscribed to (see Table 2 for listing).

7. Is this offer available on Autodesk online stores (eStore)?

No. This offer is only available for sales by authorized Autodesk resellers and direct sales personnel only.

8. Can this offer be combined with any other offers?

No. The offer may not be combined with any other discounts, promotions, or other incentives offered by Autodesk unless specified.

9. Are Named Accounts with volume purchase programs eligible for this offer?

Discounts offered by Autodesk under this offer cannot be combined with any discounts provided by Autodesk to contracted accounts according to any relevant agreements. Example: Customers with EBAs (Enterprise Business Agreements) cannot combine volume discounts provided under EBAs with discounts under his offer. Named Accounts may choose to select either the contracted discount OR the promotional discount, but not both.

10. Can a customer apply an ETR uplift to Subscriptions they purchased with this offer?

No. Subscriptions purchased through this offer cannot then have ETR attached.

11. Will Autodesk offer the full discount % if the customer is adding to an existing subscription?

Yes, for same-term subscriptions. This promotion offers the full discount percentage even if the customer is co-terming to match an existing subscription, provided they are the same term length (New 1- year to existing 1-year term).

12. Are customers required to trade-in their existing perpetual serial number(s)?

No. This is not a legacy offer so there is no trade-in requirement or incentive. This offer is for new subscriptions only when the customer is buying new PDMC or switching (m2s) to PDMC.


Table 1: The following table describes customer eligibility for this offer:
Customer buying cases Discount SKU Eligibility
Buying Case 1 – Customer is buying a New Subscription of Product Design & Manufacturing Collection Only during the same transaction
Buying Case 2 – Customer is switching their asset under maintenance to a subscription of Product Design & Manufacturing Collection Only during the same transaction
Table 2: The following table indicates the companion products that can be purchased at a discount:
Autodesk product subscription offering % discount off
Suggested Retail Price (SRP)
Autodesk Vault Professional – Single User 25%
Autodesk CFD Premium – Multi User 25%
Autodesk VRED Design – Single User 25%