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Upgrade your manufacturing software

Trade-in and save 40% on Autodesk subtractive manufacturing subscriptions

Trade-in your old Delcam or Autodesk perpetual license and get the latest manufacturing tools with an Autodesk subscription. With a perpetual switch-back option, you can upgrade to a subscription with peace of mind.

Trade in your old perpetual license


Save on the latest software PowerMill®, FeatureCAM®, PowerInspect®, PowerShape®

Find the best option for you

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Why subscribe?

  • Stay competitive

    Get access to the latest innovations and work faster with new time-saving features.

  • Be flexible

    Manage users, costs, and products in a way that makes sense for your business.

  • Get enhanced support

    Enjoy technical support when you need it—via chat, phone, or online.

PowerMill subscribers get exclusive access to our latest innovations

Use high rate additive manufacturing to transform how you make complex parts

Hybrid manufacturing

Access tools to drive high-rate additive manufacturing processes using industrial robots or hybrid CNC machine tools.

Add probing cycles to manufacturing workflows to improve quality and productivity

In-cycle probing

Add in-cycle probing routines to manufacturing processes. Use cloud reports to collaborate, monitor and improve productivity.

Store postprocessors on a secure cloud site for better revision control

Posts in the cloud

Store CNC machine post-processors on a secure cloud platform and enable engineering teams to access the correct version at all times.

Use the cloud to collaborate with key project stakeholders


Add cloud-based CAD modelling, generative design, simulation, collaboration, and integrated CAM to your PowerMill subscription.

Use the cloud to collaborate with key project stakeholders

Autodesk Drive

Use the cloud to share and collaborate with project stakeholders anytime, anywhere and on virtually any connected device.

Share views of your CAM data and access without the need for an Autodesk license

Shared Views

Share interactive views of CAM data with your team, suppliers, and customers. Review without the need for an Autodesk license.

Subscriptions now include Fusion 360

We're committed to offering our subscribers the best Autodesk design and manufacturing tools to allow them to be more competitive. Beginning Friday 30th November 2018, subscribers of PowerMill®, FeatureCAM®, PowerShape®, and PowerInspect®, will receive access to Fusion 360 at no additional cost.

Fusion 360 is an integrated, connected, and accessible platform which brings CAD, CAM, and CAE together in one product.

Enhanced CAD modelling

Use AnyCAD to improve data translation. Access powerful solid and assembly modelling tools to prepare models for manufacture. Create stronger, lighter products automatically with generative design.

Integrated CAD and CAM

Gain additional CNC programming capabilities with integrated CAD and CAM workflows. Quickly convert 3D designs into NC code. Manage design changes with automatic model and toolpath updates.

Simulation and collaboration

Use Fusion 360 to produce photo-realistic renderings and simulations. Validate designs with fit and function tests then share with your engineering teams using enhanced cloud-based collaboration.

Find the best option for you

Provide your information and a representative will contact you. Or call us at +44 2038 932211.

Thank you! An Autodesk representative will contact you soon to answer your questions and help you choose the best option for your budget, business and projects.

Eligible Products

Have questions?

  • How do I get this offer?

    Simply trade in your qualifying old perpetual license(s) and purchase a new subscription to any eligible product of your choice through the Autodesk trade in site or call us at +44 2038 932211.

    Once you submit your perpetual license(s), and complete your purchase for a new eligible subscription, you agree to discontinue use of the traded-in license(s).

  • What does “switch-back option” mean?

    We’re confident that you will be satisfied with your new subscription, but if for any reason that is not the case, you are eligible to re-instate your perpetual license within the 30-day returns period or at the end of either the 3-year term, or the end of the second year of an annual term (1 year plus 1 year renewal). If the subscription is not returned within the 30-day period, then the serial number of the legacy license will be suspended and is no longer eligible to be used for any type of future promotion, regardless of a potential customer future switch back offer.

  • Which products qualify for the offer?

    Former Delcam perpetual licenses and Autodesk perpetual licenses of PowerMill, PowerShape, PowerInspect and FeatureCAM from release year 1998 through 2019 not on an active maintenance plan qualify to get the offer discount.

  • Can I get a different product than I have now?

    You do not need to purchase the same product as the perpetual trade-in license. For example, you can trade in an old, eligible perpetual license of FeatureCAM and subscribe to PowerMill at the promotional price. Please note this offer only applies to eligible products (see above question).

  • How can I learn more about the latest release of my manufacturing software?

    To learn about the latest release of your product, visit and select your product of interest.

  • Do I have to be always connected to the internet to use my software?

    No. After initial activation, your software will work offline for 30 days. At that point, you will need to reconnect. Don't worry, we'll remind you 7 days prior.

  • Will all of my work automatically go into the cloud?

    Desktop applications and all associated user data are stored on your local machine. When you use cloud service applications, you can choose to either store data in the cloud or on your local machine. You retain all of your local data even if you decide to end your subscription.

  • Will I have updates whether I want to or not?

    As a subscriber, you can access the latest updates anytime, but you decide if and when install the update.

  • What else can I do with subscription that I don’t have with my old software**?

    The subscription offerings provide you greater value and eligible you to:

    • Always access the latest software, updates and previous versions
    • Use your software anywhere you need to be - at home, at work or on the road
    • Share 2D or 3D views of your work online and see comments directly in your product
    • Try out new tools without making a big up-front investment
    • Easily scale up or down to fit your organization’s changing needs
    • Instantly grant users access to products you have purchased by deploying them directly on devices or allowing users to install them on their own from the Autodesk desktop app
    • Get technical support – Choose phone, online chat, email or remote desktop assistance to resolve your issues more quickly

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