The road to project success is digital

Stay ahead of growing road and highway project demands with building information modeling (BIM). Improve your digital capabilities to reduce design time and rework with better communication and collaborative processes.

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Digitize your project lifecycle

Seamlessly connect the planning, design, build, and operating phases of your project lifecycle. Learn how digital modeling workflows give you and your teams the freedom to create, aggregate and collaborate on project data more efficiently.

Design for what’s above, below, and beyond the road

  • Connect BIM & GIS data for spatial context

    Integrating surrounding infrastructure into your roadway designs has never been easier. BIM & GIS data help you to reduce errors and improve design accuracy throughout every stage of a project’s lifecycle.

  • Design roadways with utilities in mind

    Designers in Genoa, Italy were able to successfully redevelop a roadway while avoiding any damage to surrounding utilities and drainage equipment using 3D BIM technology to model the world around their roadway project in-context.

  • Connect roads to bride and tunnel design

    Bridge and tunnel designs are inherently complex because of their connections to the roadways surrounding them. This is why it is essential for teams to have open access to data to reduce errors and complete projects efficiently.

Webinar: The Road Ahead is Digital

Watch The Road Ahead is Digital, a Roads & Highways focused webinar where our team of industry experts discussed trends, opportunities for ESPs, understanding BIM, and your day-to-day challenges so you can realize better project outcomes.

See how customers benefit from digital project delivery

  • Uniting horizontal and vertical teams with BIM

    In need of a flexible solution, HDR chose BIM-powered design and workflows to improve accuracy and enhance collaboration across five different time zones as they undertake one of the largest airport Automated People Mover design projects in the US.

  • Alaskan Way Viaduct and Seawall Restoration, Parsons Brinkerhoff 

    BIM technology made it possible for Norconsult to quickly complete construction on a 15-mile stretch of the 680-mile Coastal Highway project with reduced environmental impact.

  • Building Europe’s first sustainable highway

    Designers were able to see the natural world surrounding their road project using BIM technology to build a sustainable highway made to improve traffic without damaging the local environment.

Setting the open data standard

As we continue to move towards open data standards, BIM 360 Docs and Autodesk Docs now include workflows to support compliance with ISO 19650, helping teams efficiently configure, organize, and distribute documents across a project’s lifecycle.

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