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Develop a PDM Strategy with Autodesk Vault

Spending more time managing files than making products?

Spending more time managing files than making products?

Product Data Management (PDM) is a strategy for managing your product-related data and documentation in one centralized location. With a PDM solution in place, engineers and extended teams can cut back on wasted time by making it easy to find files, maintain links, avoid scrap or rework, and collaborate. In this free webinar, learn how to take control of your intellectual property, collaborate and share files with others, and streamline engineering processes. We'll cover:

  • Securing IP
  • Capturing and reusing engineering knowledge
  • Improving productivity
  • Facilitating internal and external collaboration
  • Supporting a distributed team
  • Controlling engineering processes



  • Kevin Robinson

    Business Strategy Manager, Autodesk

  • Paul Munford

    Technical Marketing Manager, Autodesk