Get more from your PDM foundation with Autodesk Vault PLM

Extend Vault data into the cloud safely, securely—from your engineering team to all your product development stakeholders.

Vault PLM Overview Video

Extend the value of your data across your entire organisation with cloud-based PLM

Your current Vault Professional foundation already provides tremendous value to your company. Design and engineering teams most likely spend less time on repetitive rework. Workflows are probably moving more quickly. But what if you could extend that same value across your entire organisation? To get better products to market faster, streamline new product introductions, enhance supplier engagement, and close the gaps on change management and quality? You can.

Connect every stakeholder throughout the product development process

Design and Engineering

Eliminate interruptive documentation and support requests by giving other teams cloud access to self-serve design and engineering data.



Catch quality issues before they become expensive, with automated traceability processes that close the loop on quality management.



Keep suppliers up to date on the latest product Information, order adjustments, and new quote requests, with real-time access to key data.


Supply chain and partners

Connect suppliers to a central system of BOM data, structured PLM workflows, and product requirements for compliance, audits, and corrective actions when needed.


Research and development

Ensure that your products meet market and customer expectations by managing all requirements with automated, connected workflows.


Executive and department management

Provide visibility and transparent reporting to executives with automated dashboards that drive collaboration, information-sharing, decision-making, and outcome documentation.


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Extending the value of your Vault foundation—to more efficiently manage new product introductions, requirements, quality, supplier collaboration, changes, bills of materials—is easier than you think. See for yourself with a demo of Autodesk Vault PLM today.

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Make your existing processes more dynamic with cloud PLM

Bill of materials (BOM)

Give your extended teams real-time data access with a centralised, cross-departmental bill of materials that maintains data integrity throughout your product lifecycle.


Engineering change (ECO/ECR)

Move from manual change requests and pink slips to automated, documented change requests that save your engineering teams time and hassle.


New product introduction (NPI/NPD)

Make new product introductions more organised, standardised, and painless with transparent processes that connect every stakeholder, from design through sales.


Quality and traceability

Avoid late-stage quality issues—track the performance of every part over time, uncover trends, and make more-informed manufacturing and supply chain decisions.


Supply chain

End unpleasant supply chain surprises—anticipate bottlenecks and monitor supplier performance with smart planning tools and real-time dashboards.


Compliance and documentation

Forget scrambling for last-minute documentation or worrying about audits—all your compliance information stays current for anyone who needs access.


See how Autodesk Vault PLM connects all your product development teams