PDM: The Essential Foundation of Good Design

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If you’re not using Vault for product data management, it’s likely that you don’t know why you should — because people who use Vault can’t imagine being as productive without it.

During this webinar, you will learn why Vault is essential to good design by helping you achieve such benefits as:

  • Fewer product errors
  • Faster processes
  • Reduction in lost documentation
  • Faster response times

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Webinar Q&A

Q) Does Vault PDM understand all of Inventor’s features?

A. Yes, you can generate links within the Vault mobile app and send the link right away via email, Slack or any other communication tool. These links will only open the Vault Thick Client to the given dataset.

Q) How can I make sure my engineering team is working with accurate data?

A) Vault PDM tracks changes, revisions, and design history automatically as you work ensuring that everyone in your organization is working with accurate data.

Q) How can Vault PDM help us reduce the amount of time we spend searching for files?

A) Vault has advanced search functionality that compares 3D shapes in your database for fast results and reduces duplicates that can slow you down.

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