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Sales and engineering winning with better bids

As the manufacturing industry faces a range of disruptive changes, the ability of companies to deliver winning, profitable bids in time while keeping operations running smoothly is more important than ever.

The era of connectivity and exponential advancements in technology are impacting the manufacturing industry more than most, and the ability for companies to stay connected with what’s next in manufacturing is crucial to be and to stay competitive and to attract more customers.

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Autodesk can help your business create more profitable, winning bids through:

Reduced time and effort to create technical proposals

Reduced risk in the quotation process

Increased win ratio with higher quality submissions

Improved business agility to changing customer requirements

More positive customer relationships by reducing risk in the purchase decision


Autodesk solutions provide the capabilities to thrive in the future of making things, through the ability to prepare smarter, winning bids using higher level of automation and consistency, less time, and providing a better technical bid response.


Benefits of Autodesk solutions:

  • Proposals delivered that better reflect client requirements
  • Proposals that reflect existing customer environments and better Brownfield Orders
  • Efficient communication and collaboration between stakeholders to clarify responsibilities, reducing late inquiries and coordination efforts, resulting in less waste
  • Less complexity to work in heterogeneous environments with significant advantage on ramping up learning curves
  • Holistic planning of bids, and client solutions – de-risking project risks and costs
  • Reduced engineering time spent on winning proposals, focusing the resources on the right profitable bids
  • More precise and compelling, visual responses including decision options.
  • Semi-automate the engineering process

Customers that have increased their win rate on new bids

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