What’s in the Autodesk AEC Collection

A toolkit that expands your skill set, and empowers your BIM and CAD workflows.

Included software in the AEC Collection

Tools to sharpen your creative edge. Select a product to learn more and try it for free.

Integrate workflows for powerful project outcomes

Create more imaginatively, fluidly and confidently with tools that support you as you design, simulate, visualise, coordinate and manage.

Included software in the AEC Collection

Tools that integrate analysis, reduce rework, and improve collaboration. Select a product to learn more and try it for free.

Engineer the best structural solutions

Integrated tools for structural design, detailing, analysis and fabrication, so you can focus on engineering challenges rather than data inefficiencies and rework.

Included software in the AEC Collection

Tools that integrate analysis, improve collaboration, and reduce rework. Select a product to learn more and try it for free.

Connect design to detailing for MEP systems

Analyse, design and detail mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems in coordination with architects and structural designers.

Included software in the AEC Collection

Integrated tools to design sustainable and resilient infrastructure. Select a product to learn more and try it for free.

Bring your designs to life with high quality visualisations using Twinmotion for Revit as part of the AEC Collection.

How the AEC Collection works for civil engineers

Improve design quality with powerful automation, analysis and visualisation tools to win more work and on time.

Included software in the AEC Collection

Improve constructability using an integrated set of BIM and CAD tools. Select a product to learn more and try it for free.

BIM workflows help improve project quality and reduce rework

Improve accuracy with BIM workflows that help produce detailed shop drawings for improved productivity and efficiency across project lifecycles.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection?

The AEC Collection includes BIM and CAD software, including Revit, Civil 3D and AutoCAD, as well as a cloud-based common data environment enabling designers, engineers and contractors to efficiently deliver high-quality building and infrastructure projects. Powerful conceptual design tools help AEC professionals realise design intent, while model-based design solutions accelerate design processes and support integrated workflows for multi-discipline coordination. Analysis and optimisation tools improve design quality and ensure constructability. Construction coordination and schedule simulation help reduce costs and minimise field coordination issues during construction. With the AEC Collection, teams can create with ease, explore what’s possible and build with confidence.

What products are included in the AEC Collection?

The Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection includes an integrated set of BIM and CAD tools that support early-stage design to construction. This includes popular software such as Revit, Autodesk Forma, AutoCAD, Infraworks, Civil 3D, Autodesk Docs and more. Visit the included software page for further details.

How are the products in the AEC Collection integrated?

The collection includes products needed to complete design and construction workflows across the project lifecycle, such as conceptual design, site surface coordination, environmental analysis, bridge design, structural analysis, steel detailing and fabrication, and mechanical fabrication. Data exchange and interoperability of products in the collection allows you to move data between products and third-party applications to complete these workflows. The collection also includes access to a common data environment, providing document management and control to the entire project team. With Autodesk Docs, teams can simplify reviews and approval workflows, as well as data management across the project lifecycle.

How much does an Autodesk AEC Collection subscription cost?

The price of an annual AEC Collection subscription is and the price of a monthly AEC Collection subscription is . The price of a 3-year AEC Collection subscription is .

What if we don’t need every product in the AEC Collection?

Use the products you need and will get the most value from. If you use just two or three of the products in the collection, the subscription cost is likely to be lower than subscribing to products individually. 


Take the time you need to discover the new capabilities you can bring to your workflow, by exploring the range of software available. Increase the capabilities of your business, simplify software administration and reduce the time spent from project start to completion. 

How do I upgrade from an individual product subscription to a collection?

If you purchased your subscription online from our website, you can upgrade to the AEC Collection when your current product subscription expires. If you purchased your subscription from a sales representative or authorised partner, contact them for assistance. Learn more about upgrading your Autodesk product or plans.

What are the system requirements for the AEC Collection?

Most desktop products in the AEC Collection run on Microsoft® Windows®. AutoCAD can run on Microsoft® Windows® and also Apple® macOS® and Linux®. See AEC Collection system requirements (US Site) for specific product details.

Can I install the AEC Collection on multiple computers?

See Autodesk industry collection licencing behavior (US Site) for full details on computer access for single-user and multi-user licences.

How do I download a trial of the AEC Collection?

To try the products in the collection, download the free trial for each product you are interested in. That way, you spend time downloading only what you need – and you can trial any number of collection products simultaneously. To try the browser-based cloud software Autodesk Forma, initiate a trial here.

What if I need help downloading and installing a trial?

Review our support article to troubleshoot Autodesk product download issues (US Site).

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