Golden Thread of Information: Getting off the Ground

Thanks for joining us at the Connected Local Authorities event

We hope you enjoyed the event on 16 November 2022 about adopting digital to prepare for the Golden Thread of Information, and the lessons learned.

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The main idea


  • The main idea of the Golden Thread is that it's information that allows you to understand a building and the steps needed to keep both the building and people safe, now and in the future

Key takeaways


  • The Golden Thread of Information for property data management is now more than ever key to our workflows in the life cycle of property.
  • The Golden Thread takes process, information management standards and an understanding of what you want to collate to manage an asset.
    Everyone’s Golden Thread will be different. It's about quality over quantity when it comes to the information held on an asset.
  • Implementing digital transformation can start small and grow. Organisations should not be phased by the task in hand but should start
    to take the small steps needed to embrace the changes and build the confidence in their teams that the transition can be made. 
  • How classifying assets from reality capture technology and delivering that into a common data format delivers golden thread compliance.

Sessions on-demand

Watch the key sessions from the event at a time that suits you. 

  • Event Welcome, Opening and Introductions

    Hosted by Mark Hoyle,
    Head of Public Sector,

  • Adopting Digital to Support Delivery of the Golden Thread

    Delivered by Varun Soni,
    Partner, Calfordseaden, and a member of the FIREie Information Working Group 

  • A case study with Portsmouth City Council - Getting off the ground to adopt digital to support the Golden Thread

    Delivered by:
    Bill Holden  Associate Director,
    Olufemi Olaiya BIM Lead,
    Portsmouth City Council

  • Norse Group – Our journey to Cloud Transformation & Digital Workflows

    Delivered by Daniella Barrow MRICS,
    Senior Director,
    Norse Consulting 

  • Technology –Reality capture workflows, converting data into intelligent 3D models

    Delivered by:
    Steve Salmon,
    CEO, PointFuse
    Mike Deacon
    Technical Sales Manager, PointFuse 

  • Discussion Panel Mini-Workshop- Debate how we can adopt new guidance, and identify gaps in knowledge resources

    Facilitated by:
    Michelle Walker, Claire Underhill,
    Bill Holden 
    Associate Director, Faithful+Gould
    Steve Salmon,
    CEO, PointFuse
    Mike Deacon,
    Technical Sales Manager, PointFuse 

  • Event Summary and Close

    Event closing remarks from:
    Mark Hoyle,
    Head of Public Sector,

Additional resources courtesy of Autodesk

White paper - 'How to prepare for the Building Safety Bill'.

This paper sets out steps that can be taken  today,  as well as insights from industry experts. 


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