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The Future of British Manufacturing starts here.

Make Better Products, Sell More, Generate Greater Profits

Are you a UK Design or Manufacturing SME? Do you want to make better products, sell more and generate greater profit? Do you believe that digital technologies can help you achieve this?

Welcome to the Future of British Manufacturing. An initiative focused on helping you make better products, sell more and generate greater profits.

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What is The Future of British Manufacturing Initiative?

Our goal is to help you identify and adopt technologies that will improve your performance in the 5 key capabilities, critical to success in design and manufacturing.

MaSS customisation customer experience Collaboration PAAS flexible manufacturing Get started Find out more about the 5 key capabilities critical to competitive separation in the future of manufacturing. Product as a Service The nature of owning & operating products is changing. Customers now expect less of an up-front purchase and more of a subscription-based model that improves over time. Collaboration The nature of how we design is changing. Design teams are expected to seek greater design input up front, which often leads to innovation. Mass customisation The nature of demand is changing. Customers now expect increasingly higher levels of personalisation of the products and services they buy. Flexible manufacturing The nature of how we manufacture is changing. Manufacturers are expected to offer far greater flexibility in what they can produce and how. Customer experience The nature of customer expectation is changing. Customers expect more value over the lifetime of the products they invest in.

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Watch the 2 minute video to find out how the Initiative works

In an industry full of jargon and buzzwords where do you start? We are bringing a hands-on approach to helping owner / managers of UK design and manufacturing SME’s break through the theory and use technology to help make better products, sell more and generate greater profits. Download our UK manufacturing manifesto: Enabling The Art of The Impossible - to learn how we think Britain can lead the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Asif Moghal,
Senior Industry Manager, Autodesk

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Programme Benefits

FOBMi Programme benefits

Digital Strategy

Start your business model transformation with our Digital Strategy Template

Innovation Workshop

Explore the five key capabilities for growth & profitability in one of our invite only workshops for senior management or above

Personalised Report

Assess how ready your business is to design & make using digital

Digital catalyst

Accelerate your adoption of digital with one of our catalysts


Evaluate which digital tools will boost your productivity
and innovation the most.


Review your design to manufacture processes with one of our experts.

Featured case study

Filament PD help companies develop new, innovative hardware products.

They use Fusion 360 to conceive, design and manufacture all in one place.

Future of British
Manufacturing Events

These events are your next step to learning how others are responding to the trends shaping the design and manufacturing industry and opportunities to network with leaders of other British design and manufacturing companies.

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Digital Catalyst Program

Have skilled student experts from the UK’s leading design & engineering universities develop your next innovative, connected product, free of charge to fast track your path to the future.

Readiness Assessment

Assesses your future readiness by completing this confidential 20 minute online assessment and receive a personalised report on the 5 key strategies to competitive separation and what you can do to improve your readiness.

Ready to fly the flag for British Manufacturing?

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