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Briggs Automotive Company recently decided to adopt a number of new tools from Autodesk to equip themselves with the resources they need to assist them during the design and development stages and remain at the forefront of their industry.

From the evolution of the world-famous Mono to the aspirational sports cars they create, BAC have been able to accelerate their development at every stage using the following products.


VRED has revolutionised the way BAC visualises current and future products. Their new car configurator utilises the product’s powerful rendering capability, delivering a heightened user experience of the car’s aesthetics and drive.

BAC can now also demonstrate their bespoke livery in animated HD, showing customers a true-to-life representation of how their Mono will look.

The showroom configurator takes the customer through a variety of options including colour, carbon finish, stitching, steering wheels and brake discs.

Using a tablet, customers can now check out how their car would look in realistic simulated environments.

Bespoke helmet liveries can be visualised alongside the custom Mono livery and race suit, giving customers the definitive representation of their car.

Fusion Lifecycle®

Fusion Lifecycle gives BAC the power to share and communicate better. With the addition of a Bill Of Materials (BOM), each and every car has total transparency in terms of components, cost, and margin.

With this software, BAC can now further enhance the visibility of timeline-critical items for closer control over delivery dates.

HELIUS and MoldFlow®

BAC is working with HELIUS and MoldFlow to enhance the development process for creation of molds and key composite structures.

These Autodesk products will enable the company to optimise material usage, resulting in weight and cost savings, greater precision and quality and less waste.


Used for all freeform surface modeling and extensively in the product development department, Alias AutoStudio has proved an invaluable tool at BAC, enabling the company to work accurately, faster and more intelligently.

Because of BAC’s confidence in the software, the company went direct from CAD data tooling when designing Mono.

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