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Supported by:

  • Dave Atkinson,

    UK Head of Manufacturing, SME & MM Commercial Banking

    "It’s an exciting time for ambitious businesses that want to drive long-term growth and gain a larger market share, and we’re ready to work with manufacturers that want to take this next step."

  • Malcolm Harold,

    Senior Manager and Specialist in Digital Manufacturing

    “KTN is convinced the 4th Industrial Revolution has the potential to transform UK businesses and, if deployed well, will support them grow and become more productive. The subject is broad and can be difficult for companies to make progress. FoBMi is an exciting initiative that helps British manufacturers take steps to improve their businesses. I particularly like getting young engineers enthused about manufacturing as a career choice and this initiative gets them hands on experience.”

  • Clare Porter,

    Head of Manufacturing for Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

    "BEIS welcomes and supports the Future of British Manufacturing Initiative, a great example of Industry taking a leading role to make the UK industrial strategy a success. It’s an opportunity for manufacturers to embrace the benefits of digital technology and for the UK to take a leading role in the global 4th Industrial Revolution"

  • Dick Elsy,

    CEO, High Value Manufacturing

    "I am delighted that HMV Catapult hosts the events and works with Autodesk to reach out to SMEs with practical and realistic insights into the exciting Future of British Manufacturing."

  • Henry Anson,

    Managing Director, The Manufacturer

    "The 4th Industrial Revolution is upon us and the landscape for manufacturers, particularly SME’s, is arguably more complex and difficult to navigate than ever before in industrial history. The opportunities are vast, as are the threats."

  • Asif Moghal

    Manufacturing Industry Manager, Autodesk 

    "British manufacturing has an opportunity to place itself at the centre of this 4th industrial revolution. [The Future of British Manufacturing initiative] is a hands on approach to enabling British design and manufacturing companies to respond to the challenges of things like Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things."

  • Luke Webster,

    Publishing Director, MA Business

    "The UK has been recognised for its engineering excellence for centuries, but the game is changing. Design cycles are being compressed, innovation heightened and products need to find their way to market faster than ever before. This is what drives and inspires the content of Eureka! – which is why we recognise the value of supporting the FOBMI."

  • Dave Atikinson,

    UK Head of Manufacturing, SME & MM Commercial Banking

    "Around three-quarters of industry have told us that they are aware of Industry 4.0 but are not sure what it means for them. The FOBMI can help businesses start to think more constructively about the impact and its opportunities."

  • Chris Coopey,

    Head of the Manufacturing Group, MHA

    "Manufacturing should be at the vanguard of the UK’s future economic strategy. We need to monetise the innovation we are so good at by encouraging high and sustainable growth through investments in skills, infrastructure and automation. MHA stands ready to support businesses wanting to make this journey into the 4th Industrial Revolution."

  • Peter Colman

    Simon-Kucher & Partners

    “This is a fascinating time to be working with technology and industrial businesses. We’re seeing important forces acting on our clients - digital networking, shorter innovation cycles and global interdependencies. Companies have never before been under so much pressure to rethink their business models.

    ‘Industry 4.0’ themes such as the Internet of Things, Servitization and Additive Manufacturing are dramatically changing how companies support their customers, thereby creating new and higher priced offerings. Ultimately, we want to make sure British Manufacturers make the most of these unique market changes to gain greater revenue and profits. This will ensure that they have sustainable businesses for the long term.”

  • Neil Lloyd

    Sales Director

    “With over 200 years’ experience working with manufacturers, we are well aware of the challenges and opportunities that Industry 4.0 presents, particularly to SMEs. It is our ambition to support our own clients and the wider sector in overcoming those challenges and embracing every opportunity to drive innovation and growth. This can only be achieved through open and practical collaboration, which is why we are delighted to be a core partner to Autodesk’s Future of British Manufacturing Initiative, which we feel provides SME manufacturing leaders practical assistance on getting started, and a wealth of resources from the other core partners.”

  • David Woakes

    Group Business Development Manager, Jonathan Lee Recruitment

    "The benefits associated with Industry 4.0 are truly accessible to businesses of all sizes.
    Our SME client base acknowledges that industry is changing, and customer expectations are evolving with smarter, better connected and customised products, but don’t often have the time, digital skill-set or digital knowledge to know where to begin. FoBMI is about identifying which elements of 4IR are actually relevant and providing practical help to getting started.
    We are sharing our expertise and supporting businesses in navigating these changes and preparing themselves, and their workforce for the future."

"It’s an exciting time for ambitious businesses that want to drive long-term growth and gain a larger market share, and we’re ready to work with manufacturers that want to take this next step."

Dave Atkinson, 
Head of Manufacturing, SME Banking at Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking

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