About Software Piracy

Software piracy occurs when one or more of the following happen:

  • software is modified or hacked
  • keys or accounts are copied or sold
  • usage does not comply with the licensing terms of use – for example, software is copied or used on more computers than authorised by its licence

Software piracy exposes businesses and consumers to security threats like malware, and can lead to decreased efficiencies in organisations. Only genuine, legally licensed Autodesk software is warranted and supported by Autodesk with access to the latest features, security updates, preceding versions and more.

Using nonvalid software poses a risk for individuals and organisations. Nonvalid software may have been modified and/or may include malicious code, leading to issues such as:

  • Increased risk of exposure to malware that can destroy or compromise data, including your work.
  • Increased chance of the software not functioning correctly, or failing completely, which may cause safety, quality or integrity issues for your designs, processes, products or structures
  • Limited access to customer support, upgrades, technical documentation, etc.

Using nonvalid software also puts you and your company at risk of copyright infringement or other potential legal claims, which may lead to civil penalties or criminal prosecution.

Autodesk participates in many programmes that help protect individuals and organisations from the risks associated with nonvalid software.

  • We educate end users and organisations on the benefits of using genuine Autodesk software, including providing software asset management (SAM) information to help businesses manage their software licences and support services where customers can ask for help and guidance on software usage.
  • We work with organisations like The Software Alliance (BSA) to investigate the sale and use of nonvalid software.
  • We take action against unauthorised resellers of Autodesk products on popular marketplaces and e-commerce sites.
  • We investigate anonymous reports of suspicious resellers and users of nonvalid software.
  • We support technical programmes, such as validation testing, that help customers understand the status of their software.

Using nonvalid software is an act of copyright infringement, which may result in both civil and criminal penalties. Furthermore, Autodesk's Terms of Use requires all customers to use Autodesk software in compliance with all applicable laws and further prohibits any act of unauthorised use, access or reproduction.

There are several different options for individuals and organisations to check the status of their software. Implementing Software Asset Management practices (detailed below) will provide insight into which licences are in use. In addition, Autodesk may send notifications to users of nonvalid software and, in accordance with Autodesk's Terms of Use, may also conduct licensing reviews.

No. Autodesk's education and student licences cannot be used for commercial, professional, commercial training or other for-profit purposes. If you are using education or student versions for commercial purposes, visit for options on how to purchase the appropriate product.

With a subscription or maintenance plan, you can use your software anywhere – at home, at work or on the road. Learn more about travel rights for subscriptions and maintenance plans

About genuine software

Genuine Autodesk software is legally licensed software purchased directly from Autodesk or a value added reseller. Genuine Autodesk software will work per the product documentation and the Terms of Use and is free from the vulnerabilities that may be found in nonvalid software.

Autodesk recommends uninstalling the nonvalid software and purchasing genuine software directly from Autodesk or a value added reseller. If you have information regarding a seller of nonvalid software, you can submit a report to Autodesk to take action.

Suspected use of nonvalid software can be reported anonymously here.

Unfortunately, it is easy to unknowingly purchase nonvalid software. Unauthorised sellers often pose as value added resellers and sell nonvalid software at heavy discounts. Other sellers bundle nonvalid software with computer hardware. Always buy Autodesk software either direct from or from a value added reseller.

Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management (SAM) enables organisations to manage software assets through purchase, deployment, upgrade and/or replacement. Smart SAM practices can help you and your organisation manage complex licensing terms and prevent nonvalid software use. SAM may also reduce costs by identifying over or under-deployment of licences.

Software Audits (Licensing Review)

A certain number of Autodesk subscribers are contacted each year to verify and ensure compliance with the applicable licensing terms and conditions. Such verification checks can also help customers evaluate and maximise their utilisation of their Autodesk subscriptions. Customers are selected for such verification checks based on a range of criteria including subscription registration and activation information.

Autodesk will contact customers who have been selected for an audit or licence review and involve the customer throughout the process from initial investigation to resolution.

Autodesk Genuine Service

The Autodesk Genuine Service checks for certain types of nonvalid Autodesk software. When nonvalid software is detected, the service can inform the user through a notification with options to resolve the problem.

The notification will continue to appear until you resolve the issue. Users who continually ignore the notifications may experience additional consequences.

The Autodesk Genuine Service is designed to remain in place as long as Autodesk products are detected on a device. Once Autodesk products are no longer detected, the service will be disabled automatically.