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The risks of using nonvalid software. (video: 1:31 min)

What are the risks of using nonvalid software?

Nonvalid Autodesk software was not manufactured by Autodesk or was cracked. By using nonvalid software, you risk increased exposure to malware and viruses that can be costly for your business to resolve. Additionally, you compromise your personal data and risk using software that does not function correctly or fails completely.

Why use genuine Autodesk software?

Genuine Autodesk software are products built by Autodesk and distributed by Autodesk or one of our authorised partners.

Safe and secure

Genuine software has not been manipulated and is free from harmful malware that can cost your company millions to resolve.

New Features

With genuine Autodesk software, you have full access to all the latest features that can improve your productivity.

Customer support

Using genuine software gives you access to our team of software experts ready to help your project succeed.

Cloud licence management

Most genuine Autodesk products are cloud-enabled, allowing you to manage seats more efficiently.

Have you seen these in-product warning messages?

If you are using a nonvalid copy of Autodesk software, you may have received an in-product notification from the Genuine Autodesk Service. If you’ve received one of these messages, you will need to purchase genuine Autodesk software either through Autodesk or an Autodesk Authorised Partner. Failure to do so may result in your access to the software being blocked.


Below is an example of a series of messages you may receive within your Autodesk product:

1st Message

Informs you that you are using nonvalid software.


2nd Message

Warns you that you may lose access to the product.


3rd Message

Limits access if you continue to use nonvalid software.


Help prevent piracy and non-compliance

It’s easy to unknowingly buy or use nonvalid software. Unauthorised sellers may sell nonvalid software at deep discounts, on auction sites or bundle them with computer hardware.

Protect yourself and others by learning more about this important issue and by reporting noncompliance or websites you suspect may be selling or distributing nonvalid Autodesk products.


Frequently Asked Questions

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