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Building Products Manufacturing & Fabrication

The building industry is undergoing dramatic digital transformation. Companies making products and solutions for buildings need new tools and working methods to stay competitive.

A 3D graphic showing collaborations within building products manufacturing and BIM

Uniting BIM and Manufacturing

As a recognised global leader in Building Information Modelling, Autodesk is combining our expertise in BIM and Manufacturing to help building product manufacturers and fabricators manage complex projects, collaborate effectively and deliver customised solutions for their clients in architecture and construction.

Building Product & Fabrication Industry Challenges

Manufacturers and customised fabricators are facing challenges on many fronts.


Challenge: getting products and services specified into projects and delivering greater value in an increasingly crowded market.


Challenge: improving communication and collaboration with architects, contractors and partners on increasingly complex projects.


Challenge: providing tailored solutions with cost-effective quoting, designing and configuring to precise specifications.


Challenge: delivering exceptional customer experiences and services, with improved quality, safety and timelines, at lower cost.

Industry Solutions

To overcome these challenges, companies are finding new ways to deliver value in a crowded marketplace. 

A 3D graphic representing BIM and building products manufacturing integration

BIM Integration

Connecting BIM with product development processes helps manufacturers and fabricators collaborate better with architects, contractors and building owners. Interoperability between mechanical and architectural design software can expedite cross-discipline workflows and keep all the project team on the same page.

A 3D graphic denoting project collaboration between engineers, sales and clients

Configuration & Customisation

Design automation technology helps engineers to quickly adapt standard products to meet atypical requirements or develop customised, one-of-a-kind projects. Sales teams can quickly configure and quote projects and clients can weigh in on designs earlier, to ensure specifications are met.

A 3D graphic depicting the connection of design and fabrication

Connecting Design & Fabrication

Connecting CAD, CAM and CAE technology can deliver exceptional customer experiences while improving both quality and safety. Integrated design and fabrication workflows can help to improve product performance and accelerate the time from initial bid to building handover and commissioning.


Building Information Models hold all project data. BIM capability makes you more likely to be specified by architects and contractors for new projects.

Building Product Industry Stories


Agile manufacturing of COVID-19 facilities

Coronavirus is overwhelming hospitals worldwide. Two Canadian companies help get medical facilities built in less than three weeks.

A customised-fabricated building product


Customised fabrication for London landmark

Respected contractors McNealy Brown support RIBA award-winning work on London’s iconic Westminster Abbey with the help of Autodesk’s Inventor software.

A view of building products being manufactured


Fabricator overcomes communications challenges

Benson Industries’ efforts to streamline collaboration resulted in 40% fewer product errors, 30% less lost documentation and 30% faster response times.

Sustainability & Compliance

Deliver solutions that help to support your clients’ sustainability initiatives. At Autodesk, we are empowering people to design, build and fabricate in ways that improve productivity – while also reducing waste, saving energy and meeting regulatory requirements.

Solutions for Building Product Manufacturers