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      What's new in Alias 2022

      Alias® 2022 industrial and transport design software includes new solutions for improving workflows, enhancements to the Class A toolset and data sharing capabilities among teams.

      • Video: Class An enhancements

        Class A portfolio

        Includes unique features, such as creating shareable presets for tools and parametric capabilities. (video: 1.42 min.)

      • Video: New Dynamo scripts and custom-built feature sets that can be shared among your whole team

        Sharing and reuse of design data

        Custom-built feature sets and Dynamo scripts aid in creating libraries and templates for use by your whole team. (video: 1.30 min.)

      • Video: New tools for faster SubD modelling and new included Dynamo scripts

        Workflow and process improvements

        Improved workflow and user experience, including faster SubD modelling and new Dynamo scripts. (video: 3.19 min.)

      Previous releases

      Alias 2021

      • subdivision modelling improvements in Alias 2021.2

        Subdivision modelling improvements

        ALIAS 2021.2

        SubD modelling improvements include diagnostic shade, specific menus and a shelf for the SubD workflow. (video: 1:17 min.)

      • Video: Alias Create VR with SubD feature in Alias 2021.2

        Alias Create VR with SubD

        ALIAS 2021.2

        Another step forward in Alias Create VR, the implementation of SubD modelling in your VR workflow. (video: 1:12 min.)

      • Video: Dynamo Player feature in Alias 2021.2

        Dynamo Player

        ALIAS 2021.2

        Get an interactive UI to work with and modify Dynamo Scripts. Improve speed of design automation. (video: 1:46 min.)

      • Video: Improved design efficiency in Alias 2021.2

        Improved design efficiency

        ALIAS 2021.2

        This update includes enhancements to the tool finder, variant lister and freeform blend tool. (video: 1:18 min.)

      • Dynamo drop and drag

        Save Import Dynamo sample file locations so that you can drag and drop scripts to a shelf. (video: 1.13 min.)

      • Alias assemblies

        Additional enhancements to reference workflows including a true assemblies workflow. (video: 1.07 mins)

      • SUBD ReTopo tool

        Generate subdivision topology by placing CVs and building SUBDs on a reference mesh or NURBS geometry. (video: 1.04 min.)

      • Selection sets

        Create, modify and select objects and components using selection sets. (video: 53 sec.)

      • SUBD user profile

        Subdivision modelling workflow includes a customised SUBD Marking menu and dedicated SUBD shelf set. (video: 2.18 min.)

      • History visualiser

        Provides a new way of visualising the flow of construction history in your Alias files. 

      • Surface fillet

        G2 curvature/Arc creates a fillet that has curvature lead-in and maintains a more arc-shaped section.

      • Proportional Crown

        This capability has been added to Skin, Surface Fillet, Multi-Surface Draft and Free Form Blend.

      • Dynamo Wheel Arch script

        Quickly create wheel arches using a Dynamo sample file, saving you time when building a new vehicle concept model.

      • Transform tool

        Modify components such as CVs, hulls and edges. Transform entities without moving off the selected plane.

      • SUBD Align to Curve

        New options allow for better control over how subdivision CVs align to curves and surface boundaries.

      • Visual Clip

        A visual clipping plane tool now exists in Alias Concept for quick visual sectioning and clip of geometry.

      • Anti-aliasing

        A supersampling option increases the anti-alias quality by a factor of 4, resulting in a quality of up to 64x.

      • Replace shader by name

        The ability to replace shaders by name when you import Alias supported geometry with shader assignments.

      • Create VR

        An immersive conceptual design tool that lets designers explore form in 3D using simple curve and surface tools.

      • SUBD and Dynamo tutorials

        SUBD and Dynamo tutorials and exercises for Alias, including example files and three special Alias 2021 scripts.

      Alias 2020

      • Subdivision modelling tools

        Subdivision surfaces in Alias integrate the strengths of adaptive subdivision with native NURBS surface technology.

      • Layer operations

        Copy/paste a layer within a folder to be outside or inside of the original folder structure.

      • File > Share view

        Disable the share view option using an environment variable.

      • Save file author options

        Save the file author information under the save information section when saving or exporting a file.

      • Pick behaviour improvements

        Pick a curve by selecting on a hull or CV; selecting directly on the curve is no longer required for certain tools.

      • Draw style options

        Draw style options for the subdivision surface geometry and control cage manipulator support new SUBD features.