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Keyboard ALT + g to toggle grid overlay

Data access and exchange

Read, write and convert data between widely used formats. Access aerial and satellite imagery and connect to web mapping and web feature services to take advantage of publicly available data. Import and export between GIS, CAD and other GPS surveying formats, including: ASCII; DWG; ESRI SHP, E00 and Arc/Info coverages; LandXML and GML; MapInfo MIF/MID and TAB; MicroStation DGN; Oracle; Ordnance Survey MasterMap (DNF) (GML2, read-only); SDF and SDTS (read-only); and Vector Product Format (VPF, read-only).

Point clouds

  • Gain more functionality to use and visually display point cloud data.
  • Re-create referenced objects or insert additional models. 
  • Attach point clouds to drawings and use as a guideline for drawing, change display or apply a colour stylisation to distinguish features. 


  • Create Triangulation surfaces from point cloud files created with ReCap.
  • Generate surfaces from one or multiple point clouds and select specific areas within point clouds. 
  • Adjust the default distance between points to change the percentage of points that will be included in the surface. 

Create Catchment from Surface dialogue box 

  • Select the surface on which to base the catchment geometry and to define styles and other parameters. 
  • Modify boundaries and flow paths of exclusionary catchments with existing catchments as you create them, or with new catchments.

Industry Foundation Classes (IFC)

  • IFC file format offers an interoperability solution between software applications. 
  • Export drawings to other IFC-certified applications and import IFC files to create and work in DWG™ format. 
  • Export drawings to other IFC-certified applications that could not otherwise open a DWG file. 
  • Import an IFC file to create and work in a DWG file that was originally created in a format other than DWG.
Read, write and convert data between GPS surveying formats