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Mechanical drafting standards update

ISO 1302-2002 surface texture symbols support surface indication leaders. You can attach these symbols to edges and they remain associative to objects, but they originate from a surface or face.

Symbols include the following:

  • Welding symbols
    • Introduce scale factor settings to resize welding elements independently of the text height.
    • Expose the process gap settings to control these gaps.
  • Surface texture symbols
    • Support attachment to feature control frames symbol.
    • Support the 2006 revision of the GB/T 131 drafting standard.
  • Datum identifier symbols
    • Support attachment to feature control frames symbol.
    • Enhancements to support the 2012 revision of the ISO 1101 drafting standard (DIN, BSI and CSN).
  • Datum target symbols
    • Line termination of datum target symbols enhanced to comply with the 2011 revision of ISO 5459 (DIN, BSI and CSN).
  • Feature control frame symbols
    • Supports the use of additional symbols specified by the 2012 revision of ISO 1101 (DIN, BSI and CSN).
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