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Specialised CAD software in a Mac OS X interface

AutoCAD® 2017 for Mac includes 3D design plus 2D drafting software. New integrated features include XREF path mapping, select Express tools and PDF enhancements.

Mac highlights

  • XREF path management

    Map XREF file paths from Mac to Windows machines. (video: 1.54 min.)

  • Dynamic blocks

    Add flexibility and intelligence to block references. (video: 1.42 min.)

  • Retina display support

    View high-resolution graphics on a Retina display. (video: 1.44 min.)


  • Data links

    Embed a live link in an Excel spreadsheet.

  • Layer state manager

    Save layer settings to share with others.

  • Specialised Mac features

    Use a specialised Mac CAD software interface.