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What’s new in BIM 360 Design

BIM 360 Design helps you to connect architecture, engineering and construction teams to reduce re-work, improve productivity and accelerate project delivery.

  • Revit Cloud Worksharing

    Securely co-author a Revit model any time from anywhere, internally or between multiple firms. (video: 3.28 min.)

  • Collaboration for Civil 3D

    Securely access and manage Civil 3D files, data shortcuts and Xrefs across locations and firms. (video: 1.59 min.)

  • Collaboration for Plant 3D

    Collaborate on plant design models across locations and firms, managing updates in real time. (video: 2.38 min.)

  • Identify changes visually

    Compare file versions, understand how incoming changes affect ongoing work and navigate changes in visual context.

  • Manage design data exchange

    Manage the exchange of design data during iterations, track project progress and manage issues all in one location.

  • Advanced access controls

    With robust permissions and access controls, you can manage access to folders and projects by user, role or firm.

  • Data centre options

    During account setup, choose between US and Europe data centres as the primary storage location for project data.

  • Anytime, anywhere design review

    Review design development from your browser, tablet or mobile device with extended teams at any time.

  • Single source of truth

    Centralise collaboration and data management on a single platform with unlimited storage space for all your projects.

More features

  • Assign and manage issues

    Assign issues to team members to resolve design problems or clarify information.

  • Mark-ups

    Create, assign and manage public or private mark-ups to communicate change requests or ask for more information.

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