Field data management, commissioning and handover

BIM 360 Field is construction field management software that combines mobile technologies at the point of construction with cloud-based collaboration and reporting. Turn your field data into powerful information that improves quality, safety and profitability for construction and capital projects. BIM 360 Field (formerly Vela Systems) is a cloud-based service.

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Field data management

Manage quality, safety, commissioning and access with a single platform and executive dashboards.

The BIM 360 Field mobile app for the Apple iPad mobile device enables construction team members to manage field data almost anywhere on the job site—with or without an Internet connection. The app includes a document library, checklists for QA/QC, safety and commissioning and issue creation and sign-off functionality for tracking issues—including work-to-complete or punch list issues—in the field. The simple, paper-like iPad touch screen helps you to juggle field data management with your other field tasks more easily.
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Visuals that accelerate field communication

Take job site photos and mark up and attach them to locations with pushpins.

  • Include audio recordings and attach reference documents with each issue.
  • Create customised issue checklists grouped by logical system, area, trade and other factors to reduce the time it takes to record common issues.

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BIM updates based on field data

Navigate and annotate models with field data. Update BIM models with commissioning data for handover, operations and maintenance.

  • Field BIM enables users to engage BIM objects, such as equipment and their attributes (like name, type and manufacturer) in specific workflows.
  • Data goes from the model to BIM 360 Field, then back again, creating a model that has new attributes from the field that update dynamically as work and operations progress.
  • Users do not even need to see the model in the field—the data simply becomes part of the BIM 360 Field workflow.

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Interactive project website

Share the latest info with project teams. Personalise task views and documents with the collaborative project website.

  • Project teams manage the day-to-day communication of field issues, tasks and status.
  • Managers and executives can look across project trends in field performance of teams and trades in terms of quality, safety and other areas.

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Quality and safety management

Build and execute on quality checklists. Log issues directly in the field in one online database to identify trends and risks.

  • Create and manage standardised libraries of QA/QC checklists and safety inspections and assign them to users and projects.
  • Use the mobile app to complete checklists and inspections in the field and add digital photos that you can mark up for specific observations.
  • Access project plans, contract documents and QA/QC guidance materials in the field using the Library functionality.
  • Automatically aggregate information across QA/QC and safety managers, superintendents and other field personnel for centralised reporting.

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Capture commissioning information in the field. The Commissioning solution saves storage time and minimises field data errors.

  • Capture and track systems and equipment status details throughout the commissioning process, from delivery inspection through final startup.
  • Include document attachments, photos, markups, sketches and audio recordings.
  • Track, filter and report on equipment by name, status, or company.
  • With the BIM 360 Field Library, deliver all commissioning documentation to project team members, including checklists, operations and maintenance (O&M) manuals and warranty information for the owner, operator and facility manager.

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Pushpins for tracking issues in 2D and 3D

Use pushpins to quickly convey project issues, status and descriptions in 2D or 3D.

  • Drop interactive pushpins onto both 2D documents and into 3D in the model to locate and assign issues or needed work.
  • Include audio recordings and attach reference documents with each issue.

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Mobile app

Autodesk BIM 360 Field mobile app

BIM 360 Field mobile app
Create and update issues, reference project documents and run QA/QC, safety and commissioning job site checklists—with or without an Internet connection.

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