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Computational fluid dynamics software

Autodesk® CFD software provides computational fluid dynamics and thermal simulation tools to help you to predict product performance, optimise designs and validate product behaviour before manufacturing.

CFD features

  • Thermal prototyping

    Solve for all modes of heat transfer, from solid to solid or from solid to fluid. (video: 2.09 min.)

  • Architectural and MEP tools

    Use CFD software and thermal modelling tools for architectural and MEP applications. (video: 2.39 min.)

  • Industrial flow control

    Optimise designs when you need to improve pressure drop or flow distribution. (video: 2.21 min.)

  • Flexible cloud solving options

    Solve locally or continue working while you solve in the cloud. (video: 2.05 min.)

What's new

  • Cloud-based scalable solving

    Fully integrated, scalable solving.

  • Variable cloud credits

    More accurate rates for cloud solving.

Customer stories

Video: Opto 22 uses Autodesk CFD software for product design and optimisation, reducing warranty issues

Opto 22: Connecting the world

Opto 22 used Autodesk CFD to design a new product, Groov. By implementing 3D digital prototyping and up-front simulation, the company was able to eliminate the need for fans and provide a significantly smaller and more reliable product.

Video: Norgren reduces production time with Autodesk CFD

Norgren: Cutting production time

Norgren developed the Diverter Valve, part of its Waste Heat Recovery system for truck engines. The design team cut production time by 6 months and saved thousands of British pounds using Autodesk CFD and Inventor.

Video: Sudlows used Autodesk CFD software to expand IT equipment capacity within existing data halls without disrupting operations or adding additional cooling

Sudlows: Data centre energy efficiency

Using Autodesk CFD software, Sudlows ran multiple conditions and failure scenarios simultaneously in the cloud and employed flexibility in pre-processing physical models and data export.