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View DWG™, DWF™ and DXF™ files for free. Use the Autodesk online viewer to upload and view files in your browser or choose a downloadable viewer.

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Which free DWG viewer is right for you?

  • Autodesk online viewer

    View 50+ file formats right in your browser. Sign up for a free account.

  • DWG TrueView

    View DWG files or convert them to work with older versions of AutoCAD software.

  • Design Review

    View, mark up and track changes to 2D and 3D files without the original software. Needs installation of DWG TrueView™ viewer.

  • AutoCAD mobile app

    View, create, edit and share CAD drawings on your mobile device with the AutoCAD mobile app.

What's DWG?

DWG refers to both a technology environment and .dwg files, the native file format for Autodesk's AutoCAD® software.

AutoCAD .dwg file format

Autodesk created .dwg in 1982 with the very first launch of AutoCAD software. DWG files contain all the information that a user enters in a CAD drawing. This data can include:

  • Designs
  • Geometric data
  • Maps and photos

The .dwg file format is one of the most commonly used design data formats, found in nearly every design environment.

DWG technology environment

The DWG technology environment contains the ability to mould, render, draw, annotate and measure. While commonly associated with AutoCAD, DWG technology is an integral part of many of our CAD products.


TrustedDWG™ technology lets you know of potential incompatibility when a file was not last saved by an Autodesk software and identifies files that might not be supported by Autodesk software.

View DWG files for free

View, edit and share .dwg, .dwf and .dxf files for free. Use the online viewer to upload and view files in your browser or choose a downloadable viewer.