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Create detailed MEP system models with fabrication software

Fabrication CADmep™, Fabrication ESTmep™ and Fabrication CAMduct™ software features improvements help you detail, estimate and fabricate better buildings using Revit.

  • Multipoint routing for fabrication

    Generate fabrication networks using multipoint routing for fitting and group settings in Revit. (video: 1.11 min.)

  • Sloped piping for fabrication

    Create detailed sloped pipes in Revit with part-by-part modelling and slope controls. (video:56 sec.)

  • Patterns for filter plenum boxes

    CID 1206 and CID 1207 support the various types of filter plenum boxes. (video: 1.01 min.)

  • Support for PDF underlays

    Accurately input the scale ratio and match duplicate graphics with improved scaling for PDF underlays. (video: 2.00 min.)

  • Fabrication hangers

    Drive pattern geometry with fabrication hangers. (video:43 sec.)

  • Vertical design line annotation

    Vertical annotation for vertical lines enables easier validation of flow rate and velocity on riser sections. (video:49 sec.)

  • Step-down connectors

    Improved connector ability to support lined duct manufacture.

  • Improved usability and productivity

    Streamlined model creation and modification.

Detail in Revit

  • Shared content libraries and databases

    Use your Fabrication database from CADmep/CAMduct/ESTmep within Revit building design software to produce detailed models.

  • Design to fabrication

    Convert your model with Revit LOD 300 design elements to a detailed model with LOD 400 MEP fabrication parts.

  • Fabrication part placement

    Select a service, group and the parts to place in the model with the parts palette.

  • Enhanced editing abilities

    Use routing exclusions and improved split controls, and resize connected elements to develop your model in less time.

  • Improved hangers

    Hangers autosize to the hosted element and automatically attach to structural components, simplifying co-ordination.

  • Revit to estimation/fabrication

    Use the Revit fabrication detail model to drive estimation and fabrication downstream for better co-ordination and collaboration.

  • Collaboration and co-ordination

    Share models within Revit for multi-user collaboration.

Detail in Fabrication CADmep

  • Shared content libraries and databases

    Use your Fabrication database from CADmep/CAMduct/ESTmep to produce detailed models for estimation and fabrication.

  • Extend Revit

    Easily export and import Revit and AutoCAD MEP models.

  • Design line detailing technology

    Draw with real components and connections.

  • Multi-service layout

    Model several parallel services simultaneously.

  • Service validation and clash detection tools

    More effectively identify and resolve service issues before fabrication.

  • 3D spooling abilities

    Create detailed fabrication shop spool sheets.

Note: Fabrication CADmep 2019 requires a separate licence for AutoCAD 2019 software or an AutoCAD 2019 industry-specific software product.

Estimate in Fabrication ESTmep

  • Shared content libraries and databases

    Use your Fabrication database from CADmep/CAMduct/ESTmep to produce detailed models for estimation.

  • Generate bids from Revit

    Import models for cost estimation.

  • Accelerate underlay trace

    Create more competitive bids with design line.

  • Adjustable cost estimates

    Manipulate databases for quick cost iterations.

  • Value engineering option tools

    Show clients multiple service pricing options.

  • Colour-coded cost tool

    Visualise job cost and cost analysis by colour.

Fabricate in Fabrication CAMduct

  • Shared content libraries and databases

    Use your Fabrication database from CADmep/CAMduct/ESTmep to produce detailed models for fabrication.

  • Sheet metal component library

    Use the vast spec-driven parametric component database.

  • Sheet metal and linear nesting

    Advanced nesting improves material use.

  • NC writing and machine support

    Built-in and custom post-processors help speed production.

  • Advanced job costing tools

    Gain a better understanding of job costs.

  • Additional software

    Includes access to Fabrication CAMduct Components, Fabrication Tracker and Fabrication RemoteEntry.

Note: Fabrication CAMduct 2019 includes access to Fabrication CAMduct Components 2019, Fabrication Tracker 2019, and Fabrication RemoteEntry 2019. You may need to purchase a post-processor from a third party to support this product.

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Fabrication CADmep  Detailing software for MEP fabrication.   Fabrication CAMduct  Duct fabrication software for HVAC contractors.   Fabrication ESTmep Cost estimation software for MEP contractors. 
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