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What's new in FeatureCAM 2020

FeatureCAM® 2020 has new capabilities for applying feature recognition. more automation and new technology for Swiss lathes.

  • PartMaker 2020

    Get the latest version of PartMaker with FeatureCAM Ultimate. (video: 1.45 min.)

  • Improved vise alignment

    Align vises along the part axes on import to reflect true orientation.

  • API updates

    Use additional API functions for returning turning holder drawing types and exporting solids as STL.

  • File import

    Use the premium version of the Autodesk Manufacturing Data Exchange Utility for file import.

FeatureCAM 2019

  • Directed feature recognition

    Automatically recognise holes, bosses, sides and pockets for faster programming. (video: 1.15 min.)

  • Modify centre drill geometry

    Change the tip and included angle of your centre drill for accurate simulation and NC code. (video: 1 min.)

  • User experience improvements

    Including a faster way to create and edit setups, an enhanced thread library and more. (video: 1:55 min.)

  • Autodesk Drive (subscription only)

    Securely store, preview and share your 2D and 3D design data. Get access to Autodesk Drive with your FeatureCAM subscription. (video: 1.20 min.)

  • Back cutting

    A new turning strategy for specialised inserts, including Sandvik PrimeTurning. (video: 57 sec.)

  • Radial pattern improvements

    Machine radial patterns using XY co-ordinates and rotate the C angle for each instance of a feature. (video: 51 sec.)

  • Swiss programming improvements


    Including fixed angled holders, creating a thread path from a curve and more.
    (video: 1.22 min.)

  • Autodesk Fusion Production (licence required)

    A cloud-based tool for scheduling, tracking and machine monitoring. Send FeatureCAM data directly. (video: 1.51 min.)

FeatureCAM 2018

  • Shared views (subscription only)

    Share your engineering data with key stakeholders, anywhere, any time with cloud-connected devices.

  • Automatic angle for parallel finishing

    Let the software automatically determine the optimum angle for your toolpath, based on the region you are machining.

  • Automatic 3+2 positioning

    Premium, Ultimate

    Use the axis limits of your machine tool to automatically determine the standard or alternate.

  • UX design improvements

    Explore enhanced features to improve your user experience, including a new ribbon.

  • Data exchange

    Get real-time access to the most up-to-date native CAD file translators on the Autodesk cloud.

  • Spiral toolpath improvements

    Set an island curve for spiral-facing toolpaths to minimise fresh-air cutting.

  • Swiss synchronisation


    Program and simulate advanced synchronisation modes for Swiss-type lathes with superposition and double-ended drilling.

  • PartMaker: laser machining


    Program laser cutting operations directly from within PartMaker.

  • PartMaker: keyway broaching


    PartMaker 2018 extends its existing broaching functionality with new keyway broaching.

  • PartMaker: workflow improvements


    View and interact with 3D models in setup sheets, pause and rewind your toolpath verification and more.

FeatureCAM 2017

  • Product and manufacturing information

    Import and view geometric dimensions and tolerances (GD&T) directly from your model.

  • Predrilling for Vortex toolpaths

    Use drilled holes as the entry move for Vortex toolpaths over the use of helical ramp moves.

  • Introducing Swiss-type lathes


    New programming capabilities for Swiss-type lathes. Simulate sliding stock motion and use automatic tool mapping.

  • ViewCube

    A navigation tool to help switch between standard and isometric views and control model rotation.

  • PartMaker: Broaching


    Functionality for rotary and index broaching.

  • PartMaker: Improved 2.5D strategies


    New toolpath strategies for contour and pocket milling offer more options for creating better toolpaths.