Features for Flame Assist

Post-production workflow support for Flame

Improve productivity in Flame-based creative finishing processes with Flame® Assist software. Get started with Flame Assist without already owning Flame.

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  • Improve productivity

    Speed up project turnaround in a collaborative, Flame-based workflow. With full project compatibility with Flame, Flame Assist is a timeline-based software-only offering. Flame ownership is no longer required.

  • Increase creative finishing productivity

    Free up Flame artists to concentrate on high-end visual effects work and oversee projects with Flame Assist. Flame Assist enables facilities to offload supporting tasks, including project set up, media management, import and export, and archiving and restoring.

  • More efficient conform and timeline versioning

    Keep up with editorial changes coming from offline by offloading the conform process to assistant artists with Flame Assist, another point of access to the powerful conform toolset in Flame.

  • Scalable licensing

    Easily add more Flame Assist licences to your creative finishing workflow when project demands increase. Flexible licensing options enable facilities to cost-effectively add Flame Assist licences to increase project throughput and productivity.

  • Workflow tools

    Flame Assist is a key component of the collaborative post-production process. Individual Flame products can share projects and perform different tasks at the same time for faster turnaround. Facilities can better manage workloads by distributing tasks to different Flame products. Interoperability between Flame products enables artists to work in individual workspaces within the same project and publish media to shared libraries.