Key features in Flame 2024

Accelerate your post-production workflow with cutting-edge VFX and editorial finishing tools right at your fingertips.

Scene of Camila Cabello singing and dancing in a dress, VFX and colour grade by Studio Rufus in Flame

3D compositing toolset

Combine the interactive speed of traditional 2D compositing and powerful 3D visual effects in Action

Machine learning image segmentation

Easily isolate skies, human bodies, heads, face features or other objects using AI-powered keyers

Timeline editing tools

Insert, cut and apply effects to video and audio files

Next-generation camera tracking

Generate camera data, a point cloud and Z-Depth map to easily position objects in a scene

MasterGrade creative colour tool

Blaze through colour work with an HDR-ready and float-point capable colour tool

Integrated finishing core toolset

Colour gradient in an integrated environment that connects to colourist control panels

The Explorer grade bin

Store grabbed references and Timeline FX setup in a dedicated gradient bin and reference comparison area

NDI video preview streaming

Stream audio and video across a network for more productive client sessions

Dolby Vision HDR content tools

Create HDR content with Dolby Vision technology for an enhanced viewing experience

Flame features

Power through 11th-hour post-production editing with robust Flame tools.

3D VFX and finishing tools

Human face extraction

Extract mattes using machine learning with a human-face region Semantic keyer.

Semantic keyer for sky extraction

Isolate skies with a single click to remove clouds, add treatments to sky backgrounds and more.

Human body and head extraction

Isolate human bodies and heads for fast, iterative colour grading and light FX treatments on shots.

AI-powered salient keyer

Find and provide a matte for the most obvious object within a bounding box using object recognition tools.

Enhanced Camera motion solver

Apply Advanced Camera solver based on SFM (Structure from Motion) and Visual SLAM, with machine learning object detection.

3D compositing

Combine the interactive speed of traditional 2D compositing and powerful 3D visual effects in Action.

Integrated finishing core toolset

Apply colour and effects in an integrated environment connected to Straight colourist control panels.

MasterGrade creative colour tool

Use modes optimised to grade the three types of colours spaces: video, logarithmic and scene-linear.

The Explorer grade bin

Save and recall colour grading and FX work in a dedicated grade bin and reference comparison area.

NDI video preview streaming

Remotely stream content with Fullscreen Video over IP to any NDI receiver or webcasting software.

Dolby Vision HDR compatible

Import, author, display and export Dolby Vision HDR animatable metadata.

Z-depth map generator

Use machine learning for live-action, scene-depth reclamation. Colour correct and apply effects based on camera distance.

Human face normal map generator

Generate 3D surface-orientation bump maps with machine learning for colour adjustment, relighting and retouching.

3D selective motion vector mode

Feed CG-rendered or analysed motion vectors directly into 3D selectives to combine with masks.

PhysicalDefocus effect

Try the GPU-accelerated rack defocus effect for Image, Action, and Batch.

Cryptomatte render pass support

Skip re-rendering with crypto object, asset, and materials available in Flame and Flare.


Refract real-world material with 3D objects, and distort background objects based on surface material characteristics.

Creative FX for the Image node

Use A2Beauty and Washer Matchbox tools for beauty work and cleanup and Physical Glare for camera lens effects.


Create multilayer timelines faster with the Auto Link Matches function. Use advanced conforming and troubleshooting tools in a single task-based area.

Effects tab: Task-based environment

Apply the shot-to-shot navigation principles of a colour grading tool using a wide array of effects.

Image Timeline FX and Batch node

Use an integrated toolset for colour, beauty work, production fix-it tasks or freeform creative treatments on any image.

Editorial timeline

Oversee projects, create consistent looks and correctly match graded and 3D VFX shots to editorial intention.

Automatic background reactor

Perform creative look dev tasks faster with automatic cache on playback when using Linux Flame.

Media management

Manage media better with support for additional formats and enhanced sharing and handling.

Matchbox API

Use GPU-accelerated GLSL shaders to solve challenges in Action’s 3D compositing environment.

Action: Projection tracking

Turn a projection into a UV set for geometry.


Use a scriptable handler to process your images via external renderers.

Connected Conform smart merge

Merge new editorial cuts dynamically with work-in-progress shots late in a project.

Modern colour management

Track colour space data on a per-clip basis, from source to screen. Includes ability to lock exported colour policies.

HDR advanced hue curves

Quickly manipulate specific colours in a shot, without the need for keying.

Python API

Drive the Batch environment using scriptable commands.

Batch Paint animation

Adjust strokes using a multifunction edit box, animate them or limit them with user-definable frame ranges.

Batch Paint editing

Individually edit paint strokes in the Paint node for a seamless look with 16-bit floating-point depth support.

Connected Conform workflow

Use a unified media management approach to share, sort and sync media across multiple sequences.

GMask Tracer

Create sophisticated composites using a lightweight, spline-based shape tool with integrated chroma-keying tools.

Scopes: HDR waveform monitoring

Enhanced signal monitoring for HDR and WCG ranges. Colour space tagging informs the scopes view.

Planar tracking

Expertly and easily track perspective changes with the versatile, high-performing Planar Tracker.

Flow Production Tracking (formerly ShotGrid) integration

Access the power of the Flow Production Tracking review and production tracking toolset.

Blackmagic RAW support

Import Blackmagic Design RAW media. 

Node-based compositing (Batch)

Batch integrates with the timeline and desktop to combine 2D and 3D elements iteratively.

Effects environments: Groups

Filter shots, make comparisons and adjustments with this visual organisational structure.

Effects environments: Layouts

Customise layouts by setting viewports, storyboard, media panel, timeline effects pipeline and more.