Fusion 360 Manage PLM

Accelerate your product development processes across all departments and locations by automating workflows and key tasks and delivering timely information.

Process and workflow configuration

  • User-friendly, simple processes like drag and drop

    User-friendly, configurable processes

    Tailor out-of-the-box PLM workflows to your requirements using simple and intuitive features such as drag and drop.

  • Connects processes across departments and geos using Fusion 360 Manage PLM software

    Connects process to data

    Centralise data and processes within a single PLM platform and connect processes across departments and geographies.

  • Integrates with business systems using open API

    Integrates with business systems

    Integrate Fusion 360 Manage with upstream or downstream systems such as ERP, CRM and PDM using its open API.

  • Instant-on PLM

    Access from any web browser without the need for IT overhead, upgrades and expensive consulting.

  • Access control

    Use permission settings to securely control data and processes based on role or privilege.

  • Third-party access

    Extend controlled third-party access to your supply chain, customers and contractors to collaborate efficiently.

End-user experience

  • An intuitive user interface that can be used with minimal training

    Simple, intuitive user interface

    Increase user adoption with an interface that is easy to grasp and get started on with minimal training.

  • Secure access to Fusion 360 Manage PLM software from browser and mobile

    Anywhere, anytime access

    See the information you need when you need it with secure access from a web browser or mobile device.

  • Dashboards shows project data


    Create and share reports using an intuitive, graphical reporting dashboard with real-time project status data.

  • Access for everyone

    Share read-only or contributor access with stakeholders who can participate and collaborate in development processes.

  • Centralised data and processes

    Reduce the amount of time-consuming activities such as data entry, emails, meetings and searching for information.

  • Process visibility

    Improve transparency into the status of projects with easy-to-access views of data and workflows.

PLM use cases

  • Project template for new product development

    New product development

    Configure project templates and standardise phase-gate milestones, deliverables and tasks by products and teams.

  • Centrally managed bill of materials

    Bill of materials

    Centrally manage and share structured BOMs ensuring accurate information is used throughout your organisation.

  • Easily manage change requests and change orders

    Change management

    Gain a clear view of the details you need to submit, track, and approve change requests and change orders.

  • Supplier collaboration

    Stay connected 24/7 to your supply chain with anytime, anywhere access to information and collaboration workflows.

  • Quality management

    Automate quality workflows, track and record changes, and analyse quality metrics to prevent issues.

  • App store

    Choose from dozens more PLM processes that you can use at no extra cost.

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