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Build higher value additive parts

Unlock extra additive manufacturing technology inside Fusion 360. Use powder bed fusion machinery to produce lighter, stronger, better performing parts whilst also reducing material wastage and cost.

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Metal additive manufacturing

Select 3D print parameters, automatically orient parts, and generate fully associative support structures for efficient programming.

Quickly create subtractive finishing operations within the same Fusion 360 environment to machine precise features and achieve a high quality surface finish.

"Within 10 minutes we see something in 3D and then send it to the 3D printer."

Ian Redfern, Senior Industrial Designer, Fabric

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Add the Fusion 360 – Additive Build Extension to your existing Fusion 360 subscription. Access more advanced technologies to build parts using metal additive manufacturing. Choose from a range of flexible terms to suit your business needs.

Requires a Fusion 360 subscription.


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