Autodesk Fusion for education

Teach skills, not software

Autodesk Fusion is the ideal tool for design, engineering and manufacturing careers.

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Professional tools, educational access

Autodesk Fusion is the tool of choice for industry professionals across manufacturing, machining, engineering and industrial design. Leading commercial customers use Autodesk Fusion to make the new possible.

Help students achieve certification

Autodesk Fusion is where skills map to careers. Are you a secondary school educator? Learn about Autodesk Certified User certifications

Students with certifications stand out to hiring managers. Showcase their skills in CAD, CAM, design-to-manufacture workflows and generative design.

Browser access to Autodesk Fusion

Get the same great experience at home, in the IT lab, on Chromebooks or in the mobile app. All you need is an Internet connection and a browser.

Teach the industry standard

Autodesk Fusion is all you need for design, engineering and collaboration

New to Autodesk Fusion?

These bite-sized videos unpack core concepts like modelling, assembling components, drawing, rendering, managing student projects and fostering student collaboration in Autodesk Fusion.

Introduction to Autodesk Fusion

Explore a high-level overview of Autodesk Fusion’s capabilities and classroom applications.


Module 1: Getting started

Review the fundamentals of account setup, user preferences and display settings.


Module 2: Managing teams

Learn how to create and manage student projects and roles using Fusion Teams.


Module 3: Working with AnyCAD

Learn how to import and manipulate files from other CAD programmes in Autodesk Fusion.

Getting career ready at Ivy Tech

Ivy Tech Community College helps students move beyond the basics, teaching advanced skills like generative design. Through Autodesk’s certification programme, students can set themselves apart and increase employability.

Getting started in Autodesk Fusion

How to manage access for students

Two paths to get educational access

Easy classroom management

Manage student assignments in one place

Centralise and manage assignments and projects delivered by the students enrolled in your course. 

View and comment in browser

Students can share a link to their design at the click of a button and you can view and comment directly in your browser, on any device.

Use AnyCAD in Autodesk Fusion

Take models from other CAD programs, even in the original format and use them directly in Autodesk Fusion to collaborate with your students.

Monitor student progress

Ensure that students are making adequate progress and submitting original work with file version history. 

Never worry about losing work

For low-connectivity settings, offline mode kicks in when Internet goes out. Design bookings also prevent overwrites in group projects.

Manage data from anywhere

All data files are securely encrypted in the cloud, meaning project files follow the student – not the device or server. 

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