Autodesk Fusion: Integrated CAD for engineering

Gain access to a comprehensive engineering platform to bridge design, simulation and manufacturing. Dive deep into an integrated experience with limitless creativity and efficient workflows.

Smarter design and manufacturing starts with one product development tool

Autodesk Fusion provides mechanical engineers with a unified platform to seamlessly bridge the gap from concept to manufacture. CAD, CAM, ECAD and simulation all in one place eliminates the need for multiple tools and allows teams to collaborate and connect in real time, regardless of location.

Advanced simulation capabilities allow for the validation of designs, while integrated CAD/CAM guarantees a smooth transition from design to production. ECAD brings electronics design into the fold, enabling true interdisciplinary projects. With its cloud-centric system, all design data remains synchronised and secure. 

Why standardise on Autodesk Fusion?

Increase product development agility

Create 3D models, engineer, simulate and manufacture all in one product development solution.

Improve product performance

Solve engineering challenges faster, with flexible 3D modelling, simulation and generative design tools.

Reduce time to market

Eliminate the need for back-and-forth file sharing across multiple tools by standardising on a single CAD, CAM, CAE, PCB, data management and collaboration software solution.

Connect your mechanical engineering processes with one solution

Product development unified under one solution


Parametric modelling

Create history-based features, including extrude, revolve, loft and sweep that update with design changes.



Assemble designs with a traditional bottom-up, middle-out or top-down approach, and analyse assembly motion.




Test your designs to make sure they will survive real-world conditions. Simulate your products digitally, reducing the cost of prototyping by using fully validated solvers.




Remove silos from your traditional design process and use a modern collaboration environment. Connect teams and stakeholders, communicate in real time and centralise project activity.



Integrated CAD/CAM

Produce high-quality CNC machined parts and additively manufacture builds using FFF or BPF for metal 3D printing.



Electromechanical integration

Make sure that your PCB fits the first time, every time with the only truly unified MCAD to ECAD software solution.



Investigate upwards of 100 3D design iterations in the amount of time it would traditionally take to complete one.


Design, engineer and manufacture a product in one day instead of a week.


Reduce your mechanical engineering time by 75% when compared to traditional 3D design methods.

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Source: Lifecycle insights report

SOLIDWORKS vs. Fusion 360 comparison guide

Compare Autodesk Fusion vs. SOLIDWORKS

See how an integrated CAD, CAM, CAE and PCB software platform delivers unprecedented value to designers, engineers and manufacturers.


Make better products

Test the manufacturability of designs with structural, thermal and explicit simulation tools, including injection moulding, as well as generative design capabilities.

Autodesk Fusion resources for mechanical engineers

Explore the benefits of DFM (design for manufacturing) and discover which Autodesk Fusion features support the process.


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Gain access to an assortment of simulation capabilities, including thermal simulation, structural simulation and injection moulding manufacturability with the Autodesk Fusion Simulation Extension.


Create 3D models, engineer, simulate and manufacture all in one solution

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Autodesk Fusion a CAE tool?

Yes, Autodesk Fusion is a computer-aided engineering (CAE) tool. It is a cloud-based 3D CAD, CAM, CAE and PCB platform that offers a wide range of CAE capabilities, including simulation, stress analysis, thermal analysis and fluid flow analysis. These features allow engineers and designers to simulate and analyse the behaviour of their designs before manufacturing, helping to optimise performance and reduce costs.

Does Autodesk Fusion include simulation software?

Yes, Autodesk Fusion includes simulation capabilities, allowing users to analyse and simulate the behaviour of their designs. These tools include structural analysis, thermal analysis and fluid flow analysis. Users can apply loads, constraints and material properties to their models and then run simulations to evaluate factors such as stress, deformation, temperature distribution and fluid flow patterns. Simulation capabilities in Fusion help users optimise their designs, identify potential issues and make informed decisions during the design process.

Does Autodesk Fusion include assemblies?

Yes, Autodesk Fusion includes assembly capabilities. It allows users to create and manage assemblies, which are collections of multiple components that interact with each other to form a larger design. With Autodesk Fusion’s assembly environment, users can import or create individual components and then assemble them together, defining relationships and constraints between the components. This enables the visualisation of how different parts fit and interact with each other, perform motion studies and evaluate the overall functionality of designs.

Is Autodesk Fusion a collaboration tool?

Yes, Autodesk Fusion includes features that enable users to collaborate and work together on design projects. Autodesk Fusion allows multiple users to access and work on the same design simultaneously, making it easier for teams to collaborate and share their work in real time. Users can also share their designs with others by sending links or inviting them to collaborate directly within the Autodesk Fusion platform. Additionally, Autodesk Fusion includes version control and cloud storage, allowing users to track changes, revert to previous versions and access their designs from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Does Autodesk Fusion include electronics PCB functionality?

Yes, Autodesk Fusion includes PCB (Printed Circuit Board) electronics design capabilities. It provides tools and features specifically tailored for designing and prototyping electronic circuits. Users can create schematic diagrams, place components, route traces and generate manufacturing-ready PCB layouts. The software also offers features such as design rule checking, electrical rule checking and 3D visualisation of the PCB design. 

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