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Analysis for static and fatigue loading

Helius PFA software addresses a range of composite analysis tasks. Robust features simulate fatigue loading and static loading for multiple material types and loading scenarios.

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    Multiple analysis types

  • Support for multiple materials

    We designed Helius PFA for multiple material systems, each with its own failure modes accounted for in a progressive failure analysis. The software addresses uni-directional materials and a variety of woven materials, such as plain woven and 4-, 5- and 8-harness satin weaves. It also includes a pre-defined set of both uni-directional and woven materials, with all data taken from published experiments.

  • Static analysis

    Apply static loads and simulate progressive failure to see where damage initiates and how it evolves into ultimate failure.

  • Explicit simulation

    Simulation Composite Analysis software works with Abaqus/Explicit to simulate the progressive response subjected to dynamic loading.

  • Fatigue analysis

    Determine the life of your composite structure under fatigue loading with physics-based progressive fatigue-life calculation tools.