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Start every project with a real-world view

Deliver more accurate designs with enhanced road layout tools, improved visualisation and collaboration, and other new features.


What’s new in InfraWorks 2020

New features in InfraWorks® infrastructure design software improve context modelling and conceptual design workflows.

  • Save back to ArcGIS

    Connect ArcGIS data, make changes to the data in InfraWorks then save changes back into ArcGIS. (video: 1.09 min.)

  • Extend schema transfer between features

    Add new types of features to your model and additional properties onto existing features for more aggregated models with deeper metadata. (video: 56 sec.)

  • Spreadsheet-based edits of structures

    Make batch edits to structures’ properties of your model in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, then update your InfraWorks model. (video: 47 sec.)

  • Road grading cut/fill material

    Control the colour of cut and fill areas in a road design to visibly show changes to terrain by a road. (video: 38 sec.)

Preceding release features

  • Profile view

    Explore the new dynamic abilities to edit and revise the components of your profile. (video 1.09 min.)

  • Terrain enhancements

    Create separate terrain surfaces and multiple types of subsurface layers, such as rock and subsoil, to use as a basis for design. (video: 51 sec.)

  • Autodesk Connector for ArcGIS

    Help improve your project context for better design. Add ArcGIS content to InfraWorks models, create custom stylisation and use field applications. (video: 1.36 min.)

  • Bridge design

    Create bridge components in Inventor. From InfraWorks, attach and position generic bridge objects. Model unique, specialised parametric bridge parts and form the actual structure, including arch structures. (video: 51 sec.)

  • Delayed model regeneration

    Speed up editing workflows by delaying automatic model regeneration for road centreline modification. (video: 52 sec.)

  • Shared views

    Share asset properties and bookmarked web views of your models to enhance collaboration. (video: 50 sec.)

  • Terrain contour views

    Control terrain contours presentations through enhanced view settings. (video: 1.44 min.)

  • Parametric tunnels

    Model and design parametric tunnels in the context of your overall infrastructure design project. (video: 55 sec.)

  • Road layout

    Choose between element-based or IP-based layout for more flexibility in how you design roads.

  • Point clouds

    Use photos to assist you when modelling features based on point cloud data.

  • Quantities

    Calculate underground infrastructure quantities by depth.

  • Country kits

    Use country kits for Germany, Austria, France, Norway, Sweden and the UK to create component roads and signs from the styles palette that match local details. 

  • Proposal model collaboration

    Sync models with BIM 360 and identify cloud models. Remove proposal models from the cloud model as needed. 

  • Data integration with BIM 360

    Use BIM 360 and Desktop Connector to store, manage and share data sources for an InfraWorks model.

  • Collaboration

    Collaborate on InfraWorks models in the cloud with BIM 360.

  • Easy management of models

    Seamlessly manage models in InfraWorks Home. View model states in context. Open, duplicate, store or remove local models. 

  • Precision edits for profiles

    Modify geometric values of a selected vertical curve in the Curve Properties panel in profile view.