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Software built to fit indie game maker workflows

Maya LT is designed to fit the workflow needs of indie game makers: 3D character and environment models can be used in more game engines and development tools.

Note: Extension 1, 2 and 3 features are available only to current Maya LT subscribers as part of the extension releases for Maya LT 2016 software.

Indie game workflows

  • New

    Powerful workflows with Stingray game engine


    Art-to-engine workflows make game creation easier.

  • New

    Get Stingray


    Access the Stingray engine with a Maya LT subscription. (video: 2.08 min.)

  • New

    User-submitted workflow improvements

    Vote on user-submitted feedback.

  • New

    Creative Market integration


    Buy 3D content directly from Maya LT.

  • Game engine export tools

    Asset export to Unity or Unreal.

  • Send to Mudbox

    Sculpt and paint a model via Mudbox export. (video: 1.12 min.)

  • Game Exporter tool


    Improved export for static and animated game objects. (video: 1.26 min.)

  • Built for indie game development workflows

    Workflows for indie game makers (US site). (video: 2.07 min.)

  • MEL scripting

    Simplify and customise your workflow. (video: 1.11 min.)

  • Powerful and accurate viewport

    Powerful viewport previews. (video: 1.56 min.)

  • Cloud integration

    Share assets with Dropbox, A360 and 123D apps. (video: 1.15 min.)

  • New

    Updated Game Exporter

    Create object sets and set key frames in the Exporter.

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