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New Features in Moldflow 2019

Learn about new features and enhancements in Moldflow 2019 that expand our abilities, solution accuracy and reduce time to solution.

  • Coolant flow analysis


    Analyse the entire coolant flow history, from the pump to mould, to identify effects of hose lengths and cooling channels. (video: 2.53 min.)

  • Shared views


    Collaborate easily using cloud-connected devices to easily review results, comment and provide design recommendations. (video: 2.12 min.)

  • Fusion 360 for CAD repair


    Moldflow subscription's inclusion of Fusion 360 aids with CAD repair and simplification. (video: 3.06 min.)

What's new in Moldflow 2018.2

  • Flatness and roundness optimisation criteria

    Review flatness and roundness of a feature as criteria for design of experiments analyses.

  • Cooling centreline extraction

    Extract centreline curves from 3D CAD cooling channels for easy conversion to beam elements.

  • Parametric design on all moulding

    Get support for running parametric optimisation analyses on all moulding sequence types.

  • Warp for RTM/SRIM

    Analyse warpage from resin transfer moulding and structural reaction injection moulding.

  • Underfill encapsulation enhancements

    Simulate multiple dispensing paths and deposit varying amounts with each pass.

  • Moldflow to VRED Interoperability

    Connect Moldflow to VRED for photorealistic renderings of manufacturing defects.

  • Multi-barrel injection moulding updates

    Add valve gates to sub-barrels and control via ram position for easily matching to press settings.

Moldflow Insight 2018.1

  • Core shift

    Run a core shift analysis on all mesh types with a Standard Moldflow Insight licence.

  • Connectivity diagnostic tool

    Identify beam elements with connectivity issues with multi-gate setups.

  • Mesh API enhancements

    API functionality for mesh summary to include beam element details.

Moldflow Insight 2018

  • Multiple-barrel injection moulding

    Analyse and evaluate the use of multiple injection barrels to fill large cavities.

  • One-click mesh and solve

    Improve productivity by meshing and analysing your model in one click. Automatic mesh size to accurately capture geometry.

  • As-manufactured Helius PFA

    Premium, Ultimate

    Analyse as-manufactured structural properties with Helius PFA, included with Insight Ultimate subscriptions.

  • Preconditioning analysis

    Specify temperature of compression moulding charge when entering the mould for improved accuracy.

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