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Netfabb Standard, Premium and Ultimate

Compare Autodesk additive manufacturing and design software: Netfabb Standard, Premium and Ultimate.


Prepare and modify 3D models for additive manufacture.

Optimise and automate additive manufacturing production processes.

Advanced design optimisation capabilities help you lightweight, high performance parts.

At a glance

  • Import 3D file formats including STL and 3MF plus files from leading CAD software
  • Prepare and modify parts for manufacture
  • Automate file analysis and repair
  • Advanced build supports
  • Automatic packing (3D)
  • Generate complex lattice structures
  • Prepare parts for postprocessing
  • Includes a subscription for Fusion 360 with generative design technology
  • Automation with Lua scripting
  • Advanced toolpathing
  • Lattice optimisation
  • Includes a subscription for Fusion 360 with generative design technology

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(Includes estimated VAT)

(Includes estimated VAT)

See the full list of supported file formats here.

Import common file formats    

Batch import and repair    

Solid model workflow   

Automatic mesh repair   

Semi-automatic mesh repair   

Manual mesh repair   

Cloud project collaboration   

Mesh to CAD (B-rep) export   

Part and platform statistics    

Part level analysis    


Mesh compare   

Live collision detection   

Interlock detection   

Z-removability check   

Report generation   

Cutting tools    

Pins and holes   

Mirror and scale    

Split or extract shells    

Mesh manipulation    

Texture and colours    


Part hollowing    

Orientation analysis    

Move, rotate and align    

Planar packing    

Model packaging    

Automatic 3D packing    

Predict deformation*    

Detect recoater interference*   

Predict build support failures*   

* Simulation abilities require the additional subscription of Netfabb Local Simulation or the use of Autodesk cloud credits to access cloud solving.