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Capitalise on additive manufacturing

Your subscription to Netfabb® additive manufacturing software lets you access the latest features, updates and workflows. Explore the newest features. Compare product releases.

What's new in Netfabb 2019

Netfabb® 2019 brings updates to two of the most powerful Netfabb features, simulation and latticing, in addition to cloud storage, new machine workspaces and new support actions.

  • Multi-scale cloud simulation

    Small scale and part scale metal powder bed process simulation with the compute power of the cloud.

  • Latticing

    Access to Netfabb manual latticing is now available at the premium tier with a new interface fully focused on ease of use.

  • My machines workspace

    Set up and save your machine catalogue and print settings. (video: 20 sec.)

  • Replay support actions

    Automatic support adjustments to accommodate model geometry changes. (video: 44 sec.)

Netfabb 2018 releases

  • Mesh to CAD conversion

    Convert organic, free-form mesh files to boundary representation models and make them available in CAD in STEP, SAT or IGES format.

  • Remeshing

    A new remeshing algorithm has been added to provide adaptive remeshing, maintaining intricacies where needed while saving on triangles where the surface is less detailed.

  • Lattice Commander tech preview

    Optimise designs for additive manufacturing with a simplified approach to generating lattices and skin. (video: 1.14 min.)

  • Build prep automation

    Create custom scripts to automate tasks that are repetitive or common across projects. (video: 1.05 min.)

  • Part orientation and support preview

    Preview supports and optimises orientation based on supported area, outbox volume and height.

  • Simulation interoperability

    Make more informed decisions by overlaying simulation results when placing or editing supports. (video: 51 sec.)

  • Produce compensated pre-forms

    Automatically compensate geometries based on simulation results to achieve the desired shape when printed.

  • Dynamic editing in PowerShape Utility

    Precisely control and edit the placement and size of additional stock or support structures. (video: 1.16 min.)

Netfabb 2017

  • Optimisation Utility for Netfabb

    Optimise designs for additive manufacturing with latticing, performance analysis and topology optimisation.

  • Simulation Utility for Netfabb

    Reduce the risk and cost of build failures by predicting part distortion using additive manufacturing simulation.

  • Advanced Toolpath Utility for Netfabb

    Develop efficient build strategies and define toolpath parameters for surface quality, part density and speed.

  • PowerShape Utility for Netfabb

    Plan and model the near net shape for metal additive manufacturing processes using PowerShape CAD modelling technology.

  • New machine workspaces

    Use customised workspaces for machines from Sinterit, Prodways, Rapidshape, Carbon, ZYYX and more.

  • Collaborative multihead 3D printing

    Intelligently distribute toolpaths between multiple print heads working in unison on a single printer.

  • And more

    There is more to learn about Netfabb 2017.