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Perpetual Licence Changes

Updated On: 1 August 2016

The changes we have made

Our business has evolved so that our customers can thrive in theirs, providing them the flexibility to subscribe to software solutions tailored to fit their needs as they approach the future of making things.

In order to accomplish this, we are now offering software solutions via subscription only. As of 1 August 2016 we completed this transition, which includes the end of sale of perpetual licences for most of our products.

Top 3 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can I continue to use my existing perpetual licences?


Can I continue to use and renew my maintenance plan for my existing perpetual licence?


How will I be able to purchase products now that perpetual licences are no longer available for purchase?

Via a subscription

Please refer to the Questions & Answers section below for more detailed information.

1. Overview

1.1 What changed?

Autodesk has stopped selling perpetual licences of most products. The purchase of new licences is now available only by subscription. In addition, the option to crossgrade to any of the affected products was discontinued when we stopped selling new perpetual licences.

Autodesk has introduced an intuitive new language that will drive clarity and simplicity in our subscription offerings. Essentially, we have done away with subscription branding in order to make it easier for you to choose and purchase the software solutions that best fit your business needs.

Subscription-based offerings

The tables below outline the current subscription terminology for:

Formally known as:

Now referred to as:

Desktop Subscription or Cloud Service Subscription

a subscription with single-user access

“network subscription”

a subscription with multi-user access

Offering available for a Perpetual Licence

Formally known as:

Now referred to as:

Maintenance Subscription

a maintenance plan

1.2 Which products were affected?

Autodesk discontinued the sale of new perpetual licences for most products in all countries globally. View a list of the products affected

1.3 Was this a global change?


1.4 Why did Autodesk stop selling perpetual licences?

Autodesk made this change in order to transition to subscription-based products, which offers customers a lower entry price, greater choice of tools and the ability to pay-as-you-go. With its shift away from selling perpetual rights to using a specific version of software, Autodesk plans to continually innovate and improve its products & services, more tightly integrate them with cloud services, allow access from multiple devices at any time*, make them easier to deploy and manage and reduce file compatibility issues.

1.5 Does this affect existing software purchased under a perpetual licence?

No, it doesn't. Existing perpetual licences are still valid. You retain your perpetual software licence and can continue to use it in accordance with your perpetual licence agreement. If the software product is covered by a maintenance plan, you will also continue to receive maintenance benefits.

1.6 How does this change impact me if I am on a maintenance plan?

If you are currently on a maintenance plan, you will retain the option to renew your maintenance plans for the affected products and receive corresponding benefits for as long as you want. The end-of-sale of perpetual licences only impacts the ability to purchase new perpetual licences.

1.7 How has Autodesk eased this transition for me?

Autodesk has done several things to make the transition to subscription-based solutions as smooth as possible for you, including:

  • Providing the time needed to assess options and make plans by providing as much advance notice of the changes to come as possible.
  • Customers can continue to renew their maintenance plans for as long as they want and receive/access maintenance benefits.
  • Autodesk Account will provide a single place to manage all of your products, subscriptions and services.
  • Providing the ability to lock in your subscription rate with the option of multi-year term lengths.
1.8 Are there any changes to cloud-based services?

Separately purchased cloud-based offerings, such as BIM 360, PLM 360 and Fusion 360, are not impacted. Cloud services that are included as a benefit of your maintenance plan or subscription will continue to be included in those offerings.

1.9 Will I be able to purchase a network activation for an existing perpetual licences now that Autodesk is no longer selling perpetual licences?

No. You will no longer be able to convert a stand-alone perpetual licence to a shared network licence for any perpetual licences that are no longer being sold. If you need new or additional shared network licences, you can purchase a subscription with multi-user access. This can be done for individual products or a collection of products.

2. Subscribing to Autodesk Products & Services

2.1 What do I get when I subscribe to Autodesk products or services?

A subscription grants you the right to use Autodesk software for a specified period of time with the option to renew your subscription. When subscribing, you get access to Autodesk software - the same full version as with a perpetual licence - but with a flexible, pay-as-you-go approach for a software budget that is easier to manage. Learn more: www.autodesk.co.uk/subscription

2.2. Does my subscription use the cloud to store applications and data?

Desktop software applications on subscription, as well as associated user data, continue to be stored on your local machine. Cloud service applications are run from the cloud; where you store your data, on the cloud or your local machine, is up to you.

2.3 What are the key features and benefits of subscription?

When subscribing, you get greater flexibility by being able to install/use the software on multiple devices*. Additionally, subscribers will receive the following benefits:

  • Access to the latest software and enhancements
  • Preceding Version Rights
  • Global Travel Rights
  • Support
  • Access to the same cloud services as your perpetual licences on maintenance
2.4 What licensing options are currently available to me?

Autodesk offers the following options, allowing you to choose which best fits your needs.

Single-user Access
Licences that are assigned
to a single user and cannot be shared

Multi-user Access
Licences that can be shared
on a network server**

Recommended for:



Shared Licence



2.5 Are there any differences between the options for single-user and multi-user access?

Single-user and multi-user access are similar with the exception of the following:

Single-user Access

Multi-user Access

Licence can be shared



Available for the following products

Autodesk Design & Creation Suites
Individual Autodesk Products
Cloud Services

Individual Autodesk Products

Requires connection to the Internet at least once every 30 days for licence validation



Term Length Options

Multi-year (2 or 3 year)

Multi-year (2 or 3 year)

Available on the Autodesk Store


Contact an Authorised Autodesk Reseller or Autodesk directly

2.6 Will Autodesk support preceding version rights for products on subscription?

If you have an active subscription, you may have access to preceding version licences of eligible Autodesk software. For more details, please reference Autodesk Subscription Preceding Version Rights Eligibility on the Autodesk Knowledge Network.

2.7 Will subscription be available for Education or Government customers?

For details on availability, please contact your Authorised Autodesk Reseller or Autodesk Sales Representative.

3. Maintenance Plans

3.1 What is a maintenance plan?

A maintenance plan ensures a perpetual licence holder receives benefits such as access to the latest software and product enhancements, technical support and in some cases, access to select cloud services while they keep their plan current. A maintenance plan agreement must be applied to a separately purchased perpetual licence.

3.2 What happens if I currently have a maintenance plan?

If you currently have a maintenance plan, you will continue enjoying the benefits of maintenance as long as you continue to renew. For the products listed in Question 1.2 above, it is important to renew your maintenance plan on time to continue to access the benefits.

3.3 What happens if my maintenance plan expires?

If the maintenance plan for your perpetual product is not renewed on time, you will then have to subscribe to the product if you would like to get the latest features and benefits.

3.4 How long can I remain on my maintenance plan?

While Autodesk discontinued the sale of new perpetual licences, we are not eliminating maintenance plans. If you are currently on maintenance, you may continue to renew that plan for as long as you want.

3.5 Am I able to add additional perpetual licences to my maintenance plan?

No. Additional perpetual licences may not be added to an existing maintenance plan.

3.6 What happens if I choose to discontinue my maintenance plan?

If your maintenance plan expires, you can continue using your perpetual licences. However, you will lose maintenance benefits such as updates, technical product support, flexible licence rights and access to select cloud services. If a maintenance plan is not renewed, you will be able to get the latest features and functionality by subscribing to a product.

4. Enterprise Business Agreements

4.1 How does this change impact Enterprise Business Agreement customers?

Customers who currently have an Enterprise Business Agreement with Autodesk for the Enterprise Flex, Multi-Flex or Token Flex offerings see no immediate change to the terms or benefits of their agreements.

4.2 What happens to customers with Enterprise Business Agreements that include perpetual rights to their software when the agreement ends?

Customers with an Enterprise Business Agreement that includes perpetual rights to their software may exercise their rights to receive those perpetual licences at the end of their agreement or they may choose to renew those perpetual licences under a maintenance plan at that time.

4.3 Can customers with an Enterprise Business Agreement add new perpetual licences to their agreement?

Customers with an active Enterprise Business Agreement prior to 31 July 2016 should refer to the terms of their agreement to determine access to additional perpetual licences.

4.4 Are Enterprise licensing models (i.e. Autodesk Multi-Flex, Autodesk Enterprise Token Flex) still available?

Yes. Autodesk Multi-Flex and Autodesk Enterprise Token Flex licensing models continue to be available for purchase for customers considering a new Enterprise Business Agreement.

4.5 Where can Enterprise customers get more information?

Customers with an Enterprise Business Agreement should speak directly with their Autodesk Account Executive for more information.

5. General Questions

5.1 How does this change affect customers without Internet connectivity?

For customers without Internet connectivity, we recommend considering a subscription with multi-user access, which allows them to use software without being connected to the Internet.

5.2 How do this change affect Education customers?

This change does not impact Education customers. Qualified academic institutions, students and educators will continue to have free access to Educational Licences. For more information, please visit https://www.autodesk.com/education/free-software/all (US site)

*subject to concurrent usage limitations by different users

**subject to the maximum permitted number

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