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PowerInspect Standard, PowerInspect Premium and PowerInspect Ultimate

Learn about the differences between PowerInspect Standard, Premium and Ultimate. PowerInspect is a universal 3D inspection software for complex freeform shapes.

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Geometric measurement on portable inspection devices.

Geometric and surface inspection for tactile and laser scanning devices.

Full inspection ability for manual, automated and laser scanning inspections.

At a glance

  • Portable devices
  • Geometric inspection
  • Graphical reporting
  • CAD-based inspection and laser scanning
  • Geometric and surface inspection
  • Graphical reporting
  • For manual, automated and laser devices
  • Best fit strategies
  • On machine verification

Neutral CAD import    

Third-party CAD import    

Manual device connection    

Non-contact inspection    

Automated inspection    

Error mapping for CMM    

Dual-device inspection    

Machine tool probe calibration    

On machine verification (OMV)    

Dual column CNC inspection    

Import CAD file    

Import multiple CAD files    

Export measurement to CAD    

Export point cloud    

Part alignment    

Electrode inspection    

Geometric selection    

Real-time laser connection    

Repeated measures    

Point cloud meshing/STL    

Simulation probe/machine    

Automated batch measurement    

Geometric alignments    

Freeform fit alignments    

RPS alignment    

Best fit    


Probed geometric features    

Constructed features    



Build feature from points

Surface inspection    

Edge inspection    

Section inspection    

Raster surface inspection    

Measure point cloud    

Point cloud curve collection    

Automotive digitising curves    

Point cloud laser scanning    

Point cloud import    

Point cloud CAD comparison    

Point cloud features    


Single-page report    

Full report    

SPC output    

Autodesk Fusion 360 (requires active PowerInspect or Fusion 360 Subscription)