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Fusion 360 with PowerMill

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What’s new in PowerMill 2021

PowerMill 2021 offers significantly faster toolpath calculation, collision checking and avoidance, and model filleting, as well as improved steep and shallow finishing and more.

  • Speed improvements

    Start machining parts sooner with faster toolpath calculations, shorter project opening times and more. (video: 1:05 mins)

  • Steep and Shallow enhancements

    Improvements to Steep and Shallow finishing result in increased surface finish quality. (video: 43 sec.)

  • Faster model filleting

    Model filleting respects active boundaries, resulting in up to 90% reduction in calculation times. (video: 1.33 min.)

  • Safer collision avoidance

    Automatic collision avoidance now finds and avoids more issues, with safer, smoother 5-axis motion. (video: 1.33 min.)

  • Additive updates

    Improved strategies include faster profiling and a new alternating raster option for stronger parts. (video: 53 sec.)

  • Safer Optimised Constant Z

    Constant Z toolpaths produce better quality outcomes, including in cases where form tools are used.

PowerMill 2020

  • Speed enhancements

    Reduce programming time with faster toolpath calculation, simulation and verification. (video: 2.05 min.)

  • Faster leads and links

    Leads and links calculations now use multi-threading for even faster processing times. (video: 1:28 min.)

  • Uphill corner finishing

    Machine steep corners with uphill cutting for more stable cut conditions and better surface finish. (video: 1.17 min.)

  • More model export options

    Export CAD models using a wider selection of file formats to improve collaboration across teams. (video: 1.03 min.)

  • PowerMill Viewer

    View, analyse and simulate project content on multiple computers at no additional cost. (video: 1.26 min.)

  • Improved model filleting

    Automatically add fillets to internal corners in finishing toolpaths to help minimise damaging tools. (video: 1.15 min.)

PowerMill 2019

  • Additive manufacturing

    Ultimate (Subscriber benefit)

    Access dedicated tools to program, control and simulate high-rate additive manufacturing processes.

  • Vortex from stock

    Create more efficient roughing toolpaths with adaptive clearing technology.

  • Surface probing

    Ultimate (Subscriber benefit)

    Create probing toolpaths to measure parts with spindle mounted probes. Share 3D inspection reports with Autodesk Drive.

  • Auto-tool tilting


    New automatic tool tilting makes it easier to avoid collisions and near misses on 5-axis machines.

  • Interactive collision avoidance

    Use new interactive tools to help identify and repair toolpath motion that could cause collisions or near misses.

  • 2D machining improvements

    Create open pockets with a new side feature type. Use selected surfaces to build features faster.

  • Posts in the cloud

    (Subscriber benefit)

    Use a secure, cloud-based platform to store and manage machine post-processor option files.

  • Machining setups

    Synchronise toolpaths and NC programs to help program parts with multiple setups or fixture offsets.

  • 3+2 arc output

    Preserve arcs in 3+2 toolpaths that use orientation vectors to improve surface finish and reduce cycle time.

  • Automatic orientation vectors

    Improve the safety of 5-axis toolpaths by automatically adding orientation vectors to control CNC machine motion.

  • ViewMill thickness shading

    Use colours to quickly identify unmachined stock for increased confidence that parts have been fully machined.

  • Pattern turning

    Create turning toolpaths using user-defined geometry for greater control when mill-turn machining.