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Case studies

What are customers doing with ReCap?

See how customers are using ReCap Pro software to make their building, renovation and construction projects more efficient.

Atlas Engineering

Atlas Engineering increased project comprehension, stakeholder engagement and safety outcomes by using reality capture. They were able to create a virtual model of the site via laser scans, which improved the accuracy of their information, saving their engineers time by avoiding multiple site visits.


Megabots reduced the modelling time required from a week to a day or two and generated millimetre-accurate 3D models using ReCap.

Turner Fleischer

Turner Fleischer used ReCap and Revit to realise a 325% ROI on their project. Through reality capture, they were able to provide their client with accurate as-built data from confined and hard-to-access spaces, ultimately reducing costly re-work.


NASA accurately captured the as-built data of a very complex site. What would have taken 16 weeks using traditional modelling took just 4 weeks with ReCap 360 Pro.



USAFA used UAV aerial imagery plus ReCap's UAV Fly features to model a highly complex, unique chapel. The model was used to improve energy costs, conduct structure analysis and plan special events.


Anchorage Municipal Light & Power

AML&P increased site safety by reducing the need to physically enter electrical underground spaces, while maintaining a reliability rating of 99.99%.

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