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To access ReCap, start a free trial. After 30 days, you'll have the option to subscribe to ReCap Pro or continue using the free features of ReCap.

At a glance

  • Basic viewing and editing of laser scan reality capture data.
  • Automated registration, stitching and clean-up of scans
  • Create and edit photo-based 3D meshes
  • Access to cloud-based photo-to-3D service

Import scans in various formats

Real Views (panoramic visualisation)

Point cloud viewing, editing and cleaning

Automatic registration

Accuracy reports & survey control

Target-based registration refinement and registration rollback

Photorealistic data visualisation

Alignment of laser point clouds with photo-based point clouds

Real View States

Video tool

Advanced measurement tools

Mark-up and Tagging

Search and Sync

Access to clean-up service (new with 3.0)

Access to scan-to-mesh service (new with 3.0)

Batch project creation from input files (new with 3.0)

Export in various formats (RCP/RCS, E57, PTS, PCG)

Import photos in any rectilinear format

Import GoPro images (Hero 3+ and Hero 4 Black Editions)

Support GPS tags in EXIFs to automatically scale and geolocate the scene

Import Ground Control Points in X, Y, Z, ECEF & LLA – WGS84 formats

Automatic photo-to-mesh in RCM, OBJ, FBX formats

Automatic photo-to-orthoview and depth map

Automatic photo-point cloud in RCP/RCS format

Web preview of the computed 3D mesh

Possibility of running multiple projects in parallel

Import Ground Control Points in various co-ordinate systems

Web preview of the computed 3D mesh and the 2.5D orthoview

Mesh editing, hole filling and healing tools

Accuracy report

Measurement tools

Mesh comparison tool

Mesh decimation and texture baking tools

Export in various co-ordinate systems

Video creation tool

ReCap 360 dashboard & A360 cloud storage, sharing and collaboration tools

Mark up, sync and search laser scans in A360

View, measure and mark up data via an iPad Pro    

Download data from the cloud and sync projects    

Pairs with the Leica BLK360 laser scanner