Cloud-based mechanical simulation

Sim 360 software provides cloud-based mechanical simulation anywhere, anytime, at a fraction of the cost of traditional simulation software. Sim 360 includes simplification and editing tools similar to Fusion 360 and features an intuitive interface that enables users at any level to perform simulations and finite element modelling.

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  • Static stress analysis

    Static stress analysis

    Perform static stress simulation of components.

  • Modal frequencies analysis

    Modal frequencies analysis

    Analyse natural frequencies within a model.

  • Fatigue analysis

    Fatigue analysis

    Predict how designs respond to cyclical loading.

  • Structural buckling

    Structural buckling

    Determine if your design will buckle when loaded.

  • Thermal


    Predict how a design will respond to heat loads.

  • Thermal stress

    Thermal stress

    Determine temperature and stress distribution.

  • Simulation in the cloud

    Simulation in the cloud

    Access simulation tools anytime, anywhere. (video: 04.48)

  • Storage


    Store simulation files in the cloud.

  • Collaboration tools

    Collaboration tools

    Share analyses, get input, approve designs.