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Engineering fluid mechanics, thermal and structural analysis

Sim 360 Pro delivers all of the functionality of our trusted and proven desktop simulation software, with cloud-based solving abilities. Use Sim 360 Pro for fluid flow and thermal analysis, as well as mechanical simulation and structural modelling.

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  • Flexible solving options

    Flexible solving options

    Solve in the cloud or locally.

  • Mechanical event simulation

    Mechanical event simulation

    Perform drop test simulations. (video: 55 sec.)

  • Free-surface simulation

    Free-surface simulation

    Simulate the behaviour of a free-flowing liquid. (video: 22 sec.)

  • Fluid flow and thermal simulation

    Fluid flow and thermal simulation

    Simulate fluid flow plus various heating methods.

  • Design study environment

    Design study environment

    Evaluate a range of design options.

  • AEC and MEP application

    AEC and MEP application

    Analyse building performance characteristics.

  • Structural modelling and design

    Structural modelling and design

    Create models and designs for complex structures.

  • Engineering analysis

    Engineering analysis

    Fast solvers enable structural dynamic analysis.