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  • How does 3D CAD software work?

    3D CAD software allows professionals in many different sectors to visualize designs, concepts and documentation in three dimensions. It works by creating a collection of points, or vertices, in the digital space. These combine to form a mesh – a completed 3D object, which can then be adjusted, explored or presented. It is also possible to then render a 3d image or video that features textures and lighting effects, to fully visualise and object in a specific place.

  • What subscription options are available on AutoCAD 3D software?

    A number of subscription options are available to suit your specific needs or business. A standard plan provides usage for individuals and small teams, Premium is for teams of 50 and more, and Enterprise is ideal for extra-large teams and features automated user assignments.

  • Does Autodesk offer discounts for students and NGO’s?

    Autodesk offers free 3D CAD software subscriptions for students, educators and NGOs.

  • Can AutoCAD be used online via a browser?

    Yes – AutoCAD webapp is included within your subscription and can be used anywhere that you have an internet connection, with no installation needed.