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BIM technology supports architects throughout the lifecycle of design. Explore how BIM for architecture helps you:

  • Take your design from concept to reality with improved quality and efficiency
  • Gain a competitive edge to grow your business
  • Realise your creative vision with innovative technology solutions that enable impactful design

Managing the business

Learn ways to help distinguish your firm, bring in new clients and retain current clients. Get tips on effectively managing and nurturing your business.

  • Winning work

    You're not an MBA, but growing your firm's business is central to your role.  Here are some tips and ideas for attracting and retaining clients.  

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  • Time management for architects

    As an architect, you put in long hours to keep your firm in business. Here are some tips to help you to remain effective while avoiding burnout.

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  • Calculating ROI for architects

    When you're running a business, you need to make decisions about where to invest resources. Consider these factors and tools to evaluate where to invest.

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Architecture in practice

Get more work done—and do better work— through connected workflows, analysis, collaboration and visualisation. Streamline project delivery and reduce waste.

  • 4 conversations to have with clients before starting a green building project

    Effective communication with clients can be the key to a successful architect-client relationship. Here are tips to get you off to a good start.

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  • Architecture vs. engineering: Solutions for harmonious collaboration

    No architect works alone; you have many partners on any building project. Read these ideas to improve collaboration and work better together.

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Innovation in design

Harness technology to help you innovate, inspire and make an impact on the world. Learn how to design projects that will leave a legacy.

  • MASS Design builds with beauty, dignity and hope in Rwanda and beyond

    Learn how architectural beauty helped this hospital become much more than a building.

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  • Healthy start for a start-up practice

    Find out how working using BIM at Lynwood House was a key component in the development of BIM competency at the architecture practice.

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  • How to become LEED certified? That is for buildings, silly! LEED credentials for architects

    How can you use your architecture skills to improve the world? Earning a LEED credential extends your knowledge of sustainable design further in your practice.

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  • BIM on song for arts and music wing

    Find out how the University of Salford was instrumental in collaborative BIM being used between the architectural and structural teams on the project for a high number of specialist spaces.

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