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Bridges & tunnels

BIM helps you to anticipate issues, assess information and act more confidently at each stage of your bridge design project. Minimise re-work and improve predictability for design and construction of bridges and tunnels. 

Managing the business

See how new ways of working can help you to win projects, collaborate better with partners, mitigate project issues and motivate your team. 

  • Four ways BIM changes the game for transportation

    A shift in the industry toward more intelligent, model-based workflows can help deliver improved value to your complex projects and your firm.

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  • Are your engineers facing extinction?

    If you're still designing in 2D CAD, it's time to start thinking about using BIM to connect workflows, improve project insight and make better decisions for your projects.

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  • Beyond insight to better results

    Transport projects are changing. See why other firms are adapting and how they're doing it.

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Innovating in civil design

Early adopters are exploring new technology, workflows and funding models. See how BIM is playing a fundamental role.

  • Think beyond today with a new strategic approach

    Get competitive by creating a new path forward—from people, processes and technology to client relationships, new opportunities and more. 

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  • Improving decisions with models

    Exploring design alternatives and visualisations in the context of existing environments helped Multiconsult and their client better understand the plans to make decisions earlier than usually possible.

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  • Connecting design to environmental and social responsibilities

    The City of Los Angeles replaced an iconic bridge with a design that meets new seismic standards without losing the architectural aesthetics required to connect this bridge to its community.

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Civil engineering in practice

Get the tools you need to help reduce rework and create a more integrated approach to design.  

  • Out with the old: in with new bridge design

    Bridge design has moved beyond traditional CAD. This firm chooses to innovate with intelligent models and reality capture.

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  • Breijn B.V. Creates Smooth Collaboration

    Breijn BV helps meet client's tight deadlines for bridge replacement with virtual construction and co-ordination across all stakeholders.

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  • Lead the collaboration on civil projects

    Help improve co-ordination among stakeholders to gain better insight and improve above and below- ground design decisions.

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