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Facing the Challenge of Time Management for Architects: How to Achieve Success without Burning Out

As an architect, you’ve likely pulled your share of all-nighters. There are only so many hours in the day to accomplish all that running an architecture practice requires. You’re beyond busy.

At the same time, your responsibilities and your life extend beyond the walls of the office. This means striving for a healthy work-life balance even when that seems to be in direct opposition to the realities of the architecture business. Yet experts agree: managers who themselves find the right mix and engage in non-work related activities encourage their employees to do the same.

The trick is to strike the right balance between running the firm, bringing in business, meeting with clients, visiting building sites, and actually doing design work. Being strategic about how and what you schedule into your routine and taking advantage of technology that improves efficiency can help you address your most pressing business challenges, reduce stress, and avoid burnout. After all, what counts is getting the work done, not being busy.

Time Management for Architects


Create a Proper Work-Life Balance

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Time management for architects

As an architect, you put in long hours to keep your firm in business. Here are some tips to help you remain effective while avoiding burnout.

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