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Now with Europe data centre

Work remotely in Revit with BIM 360 Design

Are you working remotely or from home? BIM 360 Design helps teams collaborate anytime, from anywhere on Revit projects in the cloud. 
Now, with the option to store and manage your project data in Europe, you can meet your data residence needs while collaborating real-time in Revit to reduce rework, improve productivity, and speed up project delivery.



3 ways BIM 360 Design improves your Revit workflows

Centralize data

Access AEC data anywhere, connect teams and data silos, and easily manage projects. With BIM 360 Design, keep working in the tools you love while better managing and coordinating project documents.

Enhance revit collaboration

Work remotely or from home. Co-author Revit models at any time, from anywhere. Experience powerful visualization of aggregated BIM data right in your browser. Assign the best person for the job while orchestrating stronger teams. 


Align team members towards the same goals, track project progress, and resolve issues early. Boost your team's productivity by limiting distractions while democratizing access to BIM and CAD data in the cloud.

BIM 360 Design

BIM Design Collaboration Software for AEC Teams

Using BIM 360 Design gives members of a design team the opportunity to collaborate securely in real-time on Revit models in one ‘virtual’ project office, while working remotely from a wide variety of locations.

With simplified workflows and data centralized on the BIM 360 platform, teams can flexibly resource projects, deliver projects faster, gain efficiencies, reduce errors and save money.

Try it with your teams today, for free.  

Confidently collaborate on Revit models across teams

Centralize project data in the cloud to reduce IT costs, boost productivity and flexibly resource projects. Save time and increase efficiency, manage user permissions, visualize model progress, extend access to non-Revit collaborators, and more.

Connect teams to deliver building projects on time and on budget.

Want to dip into more detail about how it works?

Case Study: Award-winning architect Corstorphine + Wright

Learn how we helped a leading architecture practice boost productivity by 25% and flexibly resource projects, regardless of location with BIM 360 Design.

“We're seeing productivity increases of up to 25% on cloud-based BIM projects.”

Want to know more?

Image courtesy of Corstorphine + Wright

What more customers say about the benefits of BIM 360 Design

Don't take our word for it. Read what some more of our customers have said about the impact BIM 360 Design has had on project productivity. Like this one:

‘Collaboration in BIM 360 Design gave us a time saving of 20% and a cost reduction of 90%.’

Read our eBooks - Why design collaboration matters

  • Discover the 7 benefits of highly effective design collaboration

    Increased productivity, flexible resourcing, more creativity, faster project turnaround and more.

  • The four trends driving AEC collaboration

    Want to maximize your investment in BIM? Understand these four trends affecting the AEC industry and how they might impact you.

  • A collaborative approach benefits any project delivery type

    Learn how BIM 360 Design can connect teams and help them gain insights to deliver projects faster, no matter the project delivery model.

CPD: Learn about how BIM 360 Design improves work practices.

How BIM 360 Design is overcoming the challenges design teams face and changing the nature of collaboration to improve working practices, while maintaining security on projects.

Want to improve your professional status?

Compare how you collaborate in Revit with BIM 360 Design

How are you collaborating in Revit today? If you’re paying for on-site servers, sending large PDFs via email, or hunting down revision clouds, there is a better way! BIM 360 Design is the only solution that offers multidiscipline worksharing and coordination capabilities on Revit models across one firm and between multiple firms. See for yourself by comparing multiple solutions. 


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